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Custom Dog Portrait

Dog Portrait Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

As many of our readers know, I take photos of the princess pug nearly every single day for her daily photoblog, the Merrylog. One of my all-time favorite photos, ever, was a photo I took last fall of the princess on our front steps wearing a yummy soft warm red dog sweater. Here's the photo.

I was absolutely thrilled when we were contacted by Patricia Lazar, an artist who creates custom pet portraits for dog lovers. She actually chose my favorite photo as her "inspiration".

But this artist did something a little different; she actually took elements and inspiration from two different photos to make her singular work of art. The second photo, chosen for its absolutely adorable tongue curl, is shown below (4th photo).

As with most pet portrait artists, Patricia works from photos. Rather than painting the scene in its entirety, she usually prefers to paint only the dog and then surround them with a plainer background so that the dog can really "pop" from the painting. Typically, her portraits are head and shoulders only with a plain background; for more detailed backgrounds or full-body portraits, it may affect the pricing.

Usually commissions take about 4-6 weeks, and require a 50% deposit upfront before beginning work.

Our portrait was finished well within the time frame and Patricia sent along several photographs of the piece; framed, unframed in natural light, and close ups to see the detail work. This was a nice touch that not all artists use; it's useful to get a few different perspectives so that you know what to expect when your painting arrives!

As of the time of this writing, there's an added bonus: shipping to USA or Canada is free! With delivery prices skyrocketing, this is a great value.
Many different sizes are available, but we chose the 12 x 12 square with standard, not gallery wrapped canvas (thinner sides). The sides were finished with an extension of the actual painting.

When the finished portrait arrived, it "popped" visually even more in person. Done in an expressionist style, it featured the pug on a sky background surrounded by fluffy clouds. The blue of the sky (perfect with its pink-tinged clouds) was incredible and a wonderful foil for the neutral fawn pup and the dark red sweater.

Very Vanilla Sky, baby.

We loved that Patricia got the "eyes right" - it's often difficult to get an animal's eyes correct, and not all of the photos she was working with showed the pug head-on, but she did a fantastic job of portraying her round, pixie eyes and her tiny little face.

The real topper to the entire portrait, in my opinion, was the tongue - a great call to use that with the other portrait of Merry. That little pink tongue shape totally makes the portrait.

Overall, we were thrilled with the pet portrat from Patricia Lazar Ceramic Art! This will make a wonderful reminder of that fabulous day in November when I snapped one of my favorite photos.

You can find out more about Patricia Lazar Ceramic Art from their web site at 

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