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Product Reviews

Custom-made Dog Collars

Small Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

One of the best things about working with small-house designers (rather than big labels) is their attention to detail.

Well, and their willingness to work with you to create a more customized product.

Also, their ability to turn out a superior quality product.

I guess that's three things.

When we received a testing package from 2 Hounds Design, it quickly became clear that these collars - and this company - typifies our ideal small-house designer.

The company sent two extraordinary collars to review: a top-of-the-line handmade Swarovski Daisy martindale dog collar, and an Asian-inspired pink Lotus dog collar.

First up, the Swarovski Daisy collar. These collars are truly a stunning work of art. Reinforced webbed collars are covered front and back with dupioni silk (a special kind of silk created from two different threads, so it shimmers in the light) and then stitched within an inch of its life to ensure maximum durability. Each collar is hand-embroidered by talented textile workers with daisies in several different colors.

Finally (the "wow" on the cake) Swarovski crystals are hand-placed on the collar to finish the design.

This sample was sent in martingale dog collar style, but like all 2 Hounds collars, the Swarovski Daisy dog collars are available in martingale, quick-release, side release or tag collar styles. The hardware for this collar is silver, to "match" the bling.

I have to admit, I was nervous readjusting the collar for size with all those crystals. But the company helpfully includes instructions on how to adjust carefully - simply carefully feeding the fabric up through the metal slides. And everything stayed where it should. ;)

The workmanship is, as you'd imagine, incredible. I loved the soft pink style and the daisies. Merry loved the color. You're shocked. I know.

The second collar, the Lotus dog collar, was a quick-release buckle design instead of a martingale dog collar. Like the Swarovski Daisy and all 2hounds collars, this dog collar starts life as a webbed collar and then is reinforced and covered on all sides with high-quality materials: in this case, a luscious pink silk brocade.
Backed with gold silk and using a brass slide and brass d-ring, it's an elegant and understated collar that works beautifully together.

I'm very impressed by the workmanship and quality of materials in these 2hounds collars. The seams are elegant and tight, the stitching is far more involved than you'd usually see in a collar like this - I wouldn't think twice about putting these collars on a dog of any size - and the fabrics are lush.

Incredible work. 2Hounds collars come in sizes from 7 inches to all the way up to 34 inches and beyond - if you've been looking for high class, well made collars that don't make you worried about safety and actually look as elegant as they suggest, these are a fabulous choice.

You can find out more about 2 Hounds Design from their web site at


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