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Dog Polo and Tank Top

Article Author: Dog Clothes - A Merryvaluation

When you're a fashion maven like Merry, there's absolutely nothing better in the world than getting new clothes. It's a fact. Trust me. The little bit has it embroidered on a pillow somewhere. I'm sure of it.

So when we received the package containing some of vavadog's newest summer collection, Merry was one excited little pug.

The first item in the package was a charming strappy tank dog top in vibrant yellow and orange (real fashion mavens will tell you that orange is the new pink, but try telling the pug that - she's seriously attached to the idea of pink). The tank is made from soft ribbed cotton and has a nice wide opening at the neck; easy for on-and-off in a hurry. It fits well all down the body, if not just a smidge too long for a pug, but most dogs would do fine with it. The finished look is charming - reminds me of the old-style bathing suits from the 20' and 30's.

In a similar fabric, vavadog also included a scarf for Merry (although with a heat-sensitive breed like pugs, this might make a better accessory in the fall, when it's cooler). And rather than having to tie the scarf yourself (and retie, and retie, and retie...), the scarf is cleverly sewn so all you have to do is pull the longer end through a loop, and it rests comfortably around the dog's neck. I do hope vavadog comes out with more scarves in additional fabrics sewn like this for fall. Merry would beg me to get several of them.

The last item was hands-down Merry's favorite. A charming pink polo made from 100% cotton pique mesh, just like the polos used to wear. It's charmingly sewn and finished, ending high on the belly and draping over the lower back. Two little plastic snaps allow you to keep the collar open or fastened all the way up. A tiny green embroidered bone adorns the left collar. Too cute. One caveat, however: this shirt fits large, particularly in the arms. You may want to consider going down a size unless your dog is overweight.

Merry and I were thrilled with vavadog's summer line. We can't wait to see what they come up with for winter!

You can find out more about vavadog from their web site
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