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Candy Dog Toys by Haute Dog Boutique

Article Author: Dog Toys Review - A Merryvaluation

Last time we made an emergency run to the corner store for some candy, we returned to find a very grumpy looking pug princess watching our every move. How dare we eat Tootsie Rolls without her?

Look, pug, you're cute - but you're hyper enough without the added boost of being on sugar!

Can you imagine? The horror!

Luckily, the folks at Haute Dog Boutique have started carrying a line of toys that let Merry have her own candy without us feeling guilty - or stressed from babysitting a pug on sugar. And they kindly sent along the entire Sugar Rush Collection (love the name) for the princess to try out.

Really, the designs are quite brilliant. We've said it before, and we'll say it again - toys have long been the overlooked area in this upscale pet market, and we're thrilled to bits that so many companies are developing and carrying new, cleverly designed plush toys for our spoiled little princes and princesses.

What gets us with this collection, as with the last few  we've reviewed from Haute Dog Boutique, is the level of detail they've managed to convey with a tiny plush dog toy. These aren't hints - they're near-exact replicas.


It's not like the dog will care about the level of detail of course - they're much more interested in the chewiness, and the level of squeak they can produce. But for the owners, particularly ones who enjoyed eating these candies over and over as kids, it's the nostalgia kick of such an exact replica that will charm us over and over again.


Included in the set:

Tootsie Roll - complete with signature brown, red and white design. We loved the white poofy edges.

Blow Pop - signature sucker (in pink, natch) with a white "stem" that Merry just loved to chew on.

Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddy - these two yellow charmers come without the usual caramel but seemed tasty to the pug nonetheless. Yes, the Sugar Daddy came with its own white plush-covered "stick".

Dots - these famous "theater" gumdrops are a perfect pug-sized box of squeakiness.


Each toy is plush, well stitched, with embroidered lettering. Each comes with its own large squeaker and we can tell you that the pug fully enjoyed chewing and then squeaking each and every toy. For hours. Until we begged her to stop.

But mostly, we just think the designs are darned cute. Know a candy lover? These would make a great gift for their pet. Or just pick them up so your own little furkid can be the sweetest they can possibly be.

Don't blame us, however, if watching them play causes candy cravings. We cannot be blamed for cavities - and the human versions of these candies are distinctly less calorie-free. :)

You can find out more about Haute Dog Boutique from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!


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