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Classy Dog Bowls

Dog Bowls - A Merryvaluation

I've said before that it's not easy to find pet bowls that are stylish enough to match the decor of your home. Merry agrees. A princess should only dine from the finest china available. Stainless steel or even ceramic will just not do. Not for a princess of Merry's stature. Or so she tells me.

She was doing pretty pirhouettes, then, when we received the package from Jo Sherwood Designs. I'll be honest, I was pretty blown away as well. These bowls were gorgeous. I mean, nice enough to just use as display pieces. Which is, when you think about it, precisely what a dog bowl is.

The Civilized Pet collection features designer glass bowls set in wrought iron stands - a chrome finish or black powder finish are available. Merry was lucky enough to receive two of these - a single round bowl in the "Dog 'n Bone" design (top photo) and a two square bowl set in the "Nocturnal" design (bottom photo).

The company also sent along one of their incredible "Best in Show" bowls. It comes in a durable handcrafted resin frame holding your choice of seeded clear (middle photo) or frosted glass bowls. The medallions adorning the sides can be a starburst pattern (shown) or any of a variety of pedigree breeds.

The workmanship, I have to say, is superb. All Jo Sherwood bowls are handcrafted fused and mouth-blown glass, but they're sturdy enough for your pet to use daily. They're dishwasher safe, but I'm willing to bet your pet loves them so much that it will be a challenge to spirit it away for long enough to wash in the dishwasher. Merry fell in love with hers instantly.

So now, the princess has a drinking bowl in every room. While you might think this is so she doesn't have to venture very far from her luxurious dog bed, you'd be mistaken. It's actually because the little bit loves to play so much that water is actually a neccessity in every corner I can make it available.

I cannot say enough good things about Jo Sherwood Designs. Go, look, buy. Our top recommendation.

You can find out more about Jo Sherwood Designs from their web site at

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