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Classic Canvas Dog Collars

Dog Collars - A Merryvaluation

Collars for pets are like shoes for women. Sure, sure, you may have one or two that you wear often - your everyday collars, as it were - but every wardrobe needs variety, and there is nothing better for selection that the huge number of designer canvas and ribbon collars available on the market today. Every possible color and texture are now available, which means that no outfit need go unmatched in today's puppy world.

Merry and I have enjoyed Jasper and Lenore's work before (twice, actually), so we were quite thrilled to hear that not only did they recently launch their own line of canvas collars, but that they were sending along a couple of samples for us to take a look at!

The folks from Jasper and Lenore sent along two dog collars - the stylish and elegant Bree in a soft washed green (with matching lead) and a classic stiped Milla in two contrasting rust shades.

The Bree collar and lead (first two photos, right) were elegance personified. Really, this was one of the classiest refined canvas collar we'd ever seen. Sure, the print is tiny and elegant, but what really makes the collar shine is a stunning metal quick-release buckle. Yes, you read that correctly - metal quick-release. Normally the options offered to dog owners are black plastic quick release buckles or more stylish but more complex to undo metal buckles. Now you can have the best of both worlds - easy-out, but stylish and classy around the neck.

The matching lead followed up with the quirky elegance by providing a very unusual metal clasp. It was beautiful, unique and still incredibly easy to attach and release. When featured so closely with the metal buckle on the collar, it makes for a set that looks far more elegant than its price tag would suggest! (And don't all women love elegance at a reasonable price?)

The second collar is more traditional in its findings - a traditional black plastic quick-release collar. What really made this collar stand out, however, was the very Hampton-esque dual toned stripe fabrics available (available in a variety of oh-so-Cape-Cod shades like mint, espresso, teal and a lovely traditional baby blue). What would be completely fun would be to team this little set (matching lead also available) with a ladies' handbag in the same fabric for a girls-on-the-go look for Mom and pup.

What we found with both canvas: little or no sizing means it's soft, both for your pooch and for your tender hands during walks. It's rare to find a leash that's soft enough to comfortably wrap once or twice around your hands withour chafing - if that's what you're looking for, these leashes will definitely fit the bill.

One quick caveat: metal is heavier than plastic, folks, and there's not much you can do about that, not if you're using quality metals that will last. As a result, those with the tiniest of teacups may want to stick with standard plastic quick-release collars (like the Milla, and many other styles carried by Jasper and Lenore) instead of the shiny metal release buckles, as they metal may just be a little too heavy for tiny Fidos. But Merry had no problem with them whatsoever, so small, medium and larger sized dogs (both styles start at 9" and go all the way up to a whopping 27" neck size) should do great with either.

Once again, Jasper and Lenore has impressed us! Great dog collars for great prices. Highly recommended!

You can find out more about Jasper and Lenore from their web site at 

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