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Chinese Box Dog Bed

Dog Beds - A Merryvaluation

I believe in love at first sight; after all, that's how I met and fell in love with Merry. Love at first sight just grabs you by the throat, holds on, and never lets go. That's how I feel about the little princess.

And that's how I felt about Pluscious Pet Decor from the moment I saw their absolutely stunning custom-style beds.

It only stands to reason, therefore, that Merry and I were a very happy twosome the day the bed arrived from Pluscious. They sent along their beautiful asian-themed box bed, in a riot of red, black and gold, for review. Merry and I did a little happy dance the moment the bed was set up.

It's a stunning piece, really. Solid wood, with a lovely antiqued finish and antiqued gold edging. Fancy black tassles affixed to Chinese coins hanging at the front corners. And the chinese symbol for "dog" affixed to the headboard, which in Merry's opinion is far too cool. She has announced her desire to have her name changed to its Chinese derivative. Anyone know the symbol for "princess"? If so, let us know!

The workmanship is superb - you can tell by touching it that someone took time and care to put this bed together. The headboard is attached with sturdy steel rods and bolts. And our favourite was the pillow, in a red silky cotton fabric. It's cut in such a way that it molds to the inside of the bed, tipping up at the corners so that it fits the entire box securely. Polyester "fabu-fill" inside the cushion ensures it will hold its shape.

The cushion itself is machine-washable on the gentle cycle, though they do recommend dry cleaning the cushion cover (handwashing will do in a pinch, but be sure to use something gentle for soap).

I think my favorite thing about these beds is that they are incredibly reasonable. Similar beds go for well in the four digit range, but these weigh in at between $600 and $950, depending on style. In our opinion, that's a steal. The company also makes a matching diner (seen here) for your little prince or princess!
Merry and I give Pluscious beds four paws up - if we had room for every single bed in our home, we'd have them all! If you're looking for a luxury bed for your pampered puppy, look no further.

You can find out more about Pluscious Pet Decor from their web site at or buy the dog bed today from our shopping area.

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