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Dog Party Hats

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

She may not look it, but Merry is definitely a party animal. She gets very excited every time we have a special occasion in the house - Christmas, Thanksgiving... even dinner parties get her all revved up. Sure, it's partly because she can put her paws up on everyone's thigh and beg treats all night long with that sweet little face (oh, she's expert... you have NO idea). It's partly because, after the dishes have been cleared away and she's just visiting with everyone, she usually gets to sit up on someone's lap and be "part of the action".

But it's also because parties mean dress up! And there is no greater fun than dressing up for a party.

(I'm convinced it's still all about the food though. The pug equation must be something like: cute pug + cute clothes = more treats from gullible humans yay!)

At any rate, she was ready to party down once we opened up the box of party hates from New Hattitude, maker of toppers for dogs and kids alike.

These party hats for dogs are unusual from most of those on the market; they're not made from paper or paper-backed; they're made completely with felt. They're sewn down the back, and feature a wide turned-up brim to give the hat stability for the wearer.

But it's the little touches that make these hats so adorable and so special: the big pom poms are fantastic, and we love the felted "strips" coming from the top of the hat. And the colors are dead-on (green, yellow, orange, purple, blue, pink and red), totally fun and suitable for any breed, any coloring, any gender (well, maybe the pink would be better for some girls... but even Bruiser was comfortable enough with his masculinity to wear pink).

What we liked best: the fact that these hats, truly, will fit all shapes and sizes. The hats themselves come in four different sizes, but each hat also comes with a long piece of elastic, with a little plastic adjuster attached. This means you can "snug up" the elastic to match any face or muzzle shape. Smart!

The hats are made in both the USA and Guatemals, and are a fair trade item. (This extra mile - which many companies don't bother with - impressed us a lot.)

If there was one thing we could change: the softness of the hats was nice to the touch, but tough in the larger sizes to keep the hat "pointing upright". Perhaps some light supports inside the hat, or some sizing in the felt itself, would help stabilize the hat.


Overall, we thought the hats were super - and we can't wait to have a little pooch party so everyone can wear their own!

You can find out more about New Hattitude from their web site at

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