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Sweet Dog Hair Bows

Dog Jewelry Review - A Cordyvaluation by Liz Bradley

When Corduroy was a puppy, we decided to let her hair grow long. This was a mistake as her hair was changing and it kept getting matted. Combine that with her hysterical drama queen reaction to us brushing her as a puppy, we surrendered and kept her hair short.

Two years later we decided to try it again. Her reaction to home dog grooming has much improved; the wailing diva is no more. Now that her hair is longer, she is at the point where she cannot see - Thomas actually refers to her as Sam, the sheep dog from the Looney Toons cartoons from when we were kids. Because of this, I have no choice but to put her hair up...and I couldn't be more excited about it!! Corduroy on the other hand, is still unsure about the whole idea. She hates me actually putting her hair up, but then prances around like she's the prettiest girl in the room. I guess the diva is still in there a bit.

When looking for things to keep Corduroy's hair up, I have to keep some things in mind. One in particular is that the hair bow has to be sturdy and steadfast. Corduroy and Paddington play, and when they play, they run and tackle each other and roll around on the ground. Corduroy also has a habit of rubbing her head along the ground to scratch herself. All all of these things meant that anything I put in her hair needs to be able to withstand that, or she'd get the bow or clip out and chew on it, which she has done before.

When we were sent these beyond adorable dog Bows by Germaine, I was very excited to see that they have a very sturdy clip on the back of this dainty and beautifully hand made bow. They are just perfect for what I needed.

The bows are hand crafted from premium materials and are made to last. They are sewn with dual layers of ribbon and each adorned with something unique in the center. The bow itself is secured to a 30mm French barrette and is strengthened so that it will keep its form and still look fabulous even after wearing it for weeks on end!

Corduroy was asked to review four different bows, each unique and stylish in their own right. You saw a preview of the adorable pink sheer bow in last month's review of the pink pet dress. This was the first one I gravitated to as it was so cute and girly. It is exquisitely made out of sheer pink ribbon and is adorned with a tiny perfect pink rose and two green ribbon "leaves". Simply adorable!

The second bow is perfect for a picnic with a red plaid ribbon overlaid with a sheer translucent white ribbon topped with a tiny red rose as well as the same green ribbon leaves as the pink one. The third and fourth bows are perfect for the holidays and I cannot wait to have her wear one of these on Christmas day! One has a Scottish tartan feel to it with a red, green and gold plaid ribbon topped with a cute little white and gold pompom. The other reminds me of a candy cane with its white and red striped ribbon over top of a sheer red ribbon and red sparkly pompom.

These bows are perfect for any occasion where your little dog wants to look her best.

You can find out more about Bows by Germaine or find out where to buy their products from their web site at Tell them Corduroy sent you!


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