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Black Biker Dog Tee & Dress

Small Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

Wow, are bike-lovin', dog-spoilin' mommas and poppas ever common. More common than I ever dreamed when I wrote my first review. In truth, our Biker Chic section is one of the most popular areas of our Shopping site. A post to our dog trends and fashion blog about Motorcycle Dog carriers was one of our most-commented on trends.

This means that Precious Paws is set to ride the pavement, baby, with their biker dog tee for boy dogs or the biker dog tee dress for girl dogs.

The tee is a soft black sleeveless shirt decked out with a glittering, blinged-out, riding-in-the-wind hog complete with red bling wheels, white bling rims and a windstream of gold.

Very simply cut, the shirt is finished quietly with turned over seams at the waist, arms and neck. Two seams run down the belly stemming from each underarm, which helps to avoid both the problem of seams down the middle of the pooch OR seams running down the chest. The plain tee is cut high under the belly to make walkies easier.

We liked that each shirt also featured a 1/2 inch reinforced leash hole so that you have the option of collar or harness. Harnesses would let the shirt "shine" on its own - a bling pun, if you'll allow me - but honestly, I think this shirt deserves a rockin', rollin', biker-lovin' collar to go with it. But then, I'm crazy that way.
The biker dog tee dress is identical to the boy's version but features a 3-ply black lace skirt. The lace is incredibly soft and a little stretchy as well, which means it'd be great for running around in even for more active dogs without restricting movement. You can "fluff up" the three ply ruffles by separating them each from the other, which I usually like to do before wearing for extra volume... though keep in mind that the skirt is never a full flouncy skirt. It's more of a soft drape at the hips.

The dress is gathered at the belly and the skirt goes 3/4 of the way around your pooch - enough to cover, not enough to get in the way during walk or play.
The tee itself is a good solid fit - a roomy fit, so if you're looking for skin-tight, you may want to step down a size. The fabric is 100% cotton, soft and stretchable and both tees are made in the USA. Because of the blingy decor on the back of the shirt, the company recommends you hand wash the shirts and hang them to dry.

Workmanship is wonderful and I was very impressed by the softness of the lace in particular - it's incredibly dog-friendly, and that's not always the case with lace-on pooch products. I'd feel perfectly safe sending Merry to romp in the park, strut down the street or go for a wind-whipped ride on the back of a Harley in this outfit.

You'd be surprised how often we get stopped when Merry's sporting either one of these two tees. Apparently, motorcycles and dogs go together far more than I ever dreamed - maybe because there's just something about the idea of riding the open road with your best friend at your side that appeals to everyone. Maybe we should buy a motorcycle - yes?

You can find out more about Precious Paws from their web site at   


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