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Product Reviews

Bella Bowl

Dog Bowl Review - A Piper Product Review
by Jenny Gregorich

Both Duke and Piper are fed a raw diet. This means that we go through a lot of bowls and plates as they need to be washed after every meal time. Normally we just use plain white plates or stainless steel bowls. But with this new review item, at least one of them will be eating in style!

The Bella Bowl by Loving Pets is perfect for raw feeders. It is simple to store, attractive looking, and dishwasher safe!

The poly-resin exterior is attractive enough that those that don't raw feed; you could easily leave it in your kitchen. The murano blue is quite beautiful as well and will "pop" while sitting in your kitchen.

Duke is a messy eater. Put food in a dog bowl and the next thing you know it is across the room. So if you have a dog like this, this bowl is just what you need. It features a removable rubber base. This rubber base will help to prevent spills and help to eliminate the bowl from moving.

Finally, the best part about this bowl and using it for raw feeding? It is dishwasher safe!

You can get your own Bella Bowl, available in ten colors and four sizes, at 

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