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Beaded Leather Collar and Harness

Dog Collars Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Rose quartz rhodonite. Amethyst. Fresh water pearl. Hematite. Bamboo coral. Green aventurine. Turquoise sodalite.

No, not the names of fine jewelry for your jewelry box, dear dog lover. These gorgeous names only begin to describe the luxurious, whimsical and lovely beaded collars and harnesses for pets.

Designed by the brilliant folks at Dosha Dog and offered for sale by cornerstone of the pet industry Calling All Dogs, these collars, harnesses and leads are just about the cutest and most gorgeous walkweak we've ever reviewed. And with 300+ reviews under our belt, that's saying a lot! Both companies put together a wonderful set of examples from the Beading Collection for us to review.

Let me tell you a little bit more about the Beading Collection. Every collar, every harness and leash is handcrafted, made from genuine leather. Each collar features a strip that goes around the front of the neck that's adorned in gemstone embroidery. The same gemstones can be found near the base of each leash (closer to the dog, which makes more sense than bling up by the hand loop, really) and also encrusted over each strip in the walking harness.

The leather dog collar is gorgeous. Thick, lush, bit stiff at the beginning but this loosens up dramatically after several wearings. And it comes in such a rainbow of colors; we could never have chosen which colors we wanted, so it's just as well that Calling All Dogs and Dosha Dog chose the white and green shades for us to review.
The hardware is fabulous. It's rare to see this kind of quality hardware on leather collars: brass & zinc alloy based, they're rust resistant and also nickel and lead safe. And they're just lovely, to boot. All hardware has a lovely antique gold patina (even the rivets) and each collar and harness features the signature Dosha Dog tag.

But the beading - oh, the beading! Seriously it totally makes the set. The white collar set featured "Fresh Water Pearl" beading, a lovely melange of translucent and opalescent peach beads and the occasional rhinestone thrown in. The green harness set featured "Yellow Jade Picture Jasper" beading, a collection of cream, taupe and yellow hues.
(Man, I'd love a pair of matching shoes.)

The design of the pieces themselves are great. The collar is a relatively straightforward buckle design but with additional attention to detail to ensure longevity; an extra strip beneath the d-ring ensures no harsh bits left to rub against your pet's neck. But the harness was particularly fun; it unfastens both around the neck and below the rib cage with straight-up buckles. This leaves the back free for decoration (and decorated it is). Also, the fact that both sets of straps were adjustable means that you can fit most body types. Both collar and harness fit Merry to a tee.

Keep in mind, though, that this dog harness style doesn't go low on the chest; if you're buying a harness to avoid pressure on the trachea, this might not be a style that will help you out. But for the rest of us, this style works just wonderfully.

To say we were blown away by the design, style and panache of this Beading collection is putting it mildly. We honestly think most pooches should have at least one set. If you're a collar or harness lover (come on - they're like shoes, right? you can never have too many), this is definitely a style for you.

You can find out more about Dosha Dog from their web site at and Calling All Dogs from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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