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Dog Treats

Dog Treats - A Merryvaluation

When it comes to flavours, does your dog prefer Chicken, "Peamutt" Butter, or Minty Flavor?

If your name is Meredith and you are a princess pug, the correct answer would be "all three please! right now! ooh! pick me! pick me!".

Preferably while panting, tail wagging furiously, and a very innocent and pitiful look on your face.

It's my own darn fault, I suppose. Not for feeding her treats - if you've met a pug before, you know that their lives revolve around food and play - but for getting her hooked on human- grade, homemade biscuits. The little bit turns up her nose at nearly anything else.

Which is why the pumpkin was so very thrilled to receive her samplers from Bailey's Biscuits.

In all flavours, no less.

Merry drooled and sniffed and sniffed (and sniffed...) while I unpacked the bags of Chick'n Biscuits, Peamutt Butter Biscuits, Minty Mutts, Slater Snacks and even a customized package of Chick'n Biscuits cut in the letters M-E-R and Y.

The biscuits are made with all natural, human-grade ingredients, and come in adorable shapes like fire hydrants, bones, and cat shapes. There are no additives such as salt, sugar, artificial coloring or preservatives. As an added touch, each bag of biscuits is labeled with a complete list of ingredients as well as a guaranteed analysis of protein, fiber, fat and moisture content.

Merry, of course, thought they were spectacular. It was incredibly challenging to get the little bit to sit still long enough to take her picture with the goodies! Of course, she was rewarded very well.

If I had one wish from Bailey's Biscuits it would be that they would offer a health-conscious dog biscuit option as well. Perhaps one with whole wheat flour or no wheat at all, and olive oil or sesame oil instead of corn oil or margarine to help add more Omega 3's to the diet.

Bailey's Biscuits can be purchased direct from the company at

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