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Dog Jean Jacket

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

The princess pug, living in the wild and wooly wilderness of downtown Toronto, is definitely an urban girl. Sure, fancy clothes and pearls are all good and fun, but the reality is that every urban girl needs dark clothing and lots of denim to make it in The Big City. Dark clothing and denim just goes with yoga and lattes and everything else we love about this big, noisy, crowded city.

It's why the princess was particularly happy and scratching at my thighs when we unloaded the newest picks from design house Wooflink. Oh, yes, there it was in all its glory: a denim jean dog jacket with antiqued studs, a worn "tattoo" esthetic, and black accents.

Oh, woof, baby.

Let me tell you now: despite the total over-the-top cutness of the pictures to the right of this review, nothing, nothing compares to the cuteness of this coat in person. This is hands down the cutest denim jacket we've ever seen, much less reviewed.

The jacket (called My Favorite, I swear that's the real name) is made from good quality, decently thick but still flexible distressed 100% cotton denim. (The web site states that it has a "camo" distress over it - camouflage - but it's really nowhere near as noticeable as the photos on Wooflink's site. It just looks, even to the naked eye, like some good distressing.) It's lined with a gorgeous printed lining that's opalescent, changing between hues of purple and blue. This lining really gives the jacket a finished feel to it that you don't often find even in human denim jackets. Sheesh.

Two rows of antiqued rivets run across the back of the coat - one at the shoulders, the other at the hem. The center back of the coat has a silkscreened, worn "tattoo" like design and Wooflink logo. But the front (read: underside) of the coat is even more impressive.

First, YAY zippers. Look, I realize why so many designers use velcro to seal up coats. It's reliable. It's flexible for a number of body shapes. But sheesh. It also sticks to everything and picks up pet hair like no tomorrow, not to mention picking up my carpeting as well. There are times when it's like designers are punishing the folks who keep their pets in shape and who can fit their dogs into something that does up with a zipper or snap. Of the two, I love the look, feel, and weight of the zipper - particularly the one used here, which features a charming antiqued metal star dangle on the pull tab. Awesome.

But wait - there's more!

Both sleeves also feature small (mostly decorative, though they are functional) zippers with the very same pull tab. The neckline is fabulous, with a large wide black collar with decorative snaps at the points, and a smaller set of points (also with snaps) that can stay open to give a nice neckline (as we've done in the photos) or can fold up so that the body zipper - which is angled slightly - can do further up and protect the neck from chillier nights.

The weight of the coat is gorgeous. It's perfect for fall, ideal for spring, and might be something you could get away with during winter days that are above freezing. It does need a hand wash, though, because of all the design elements, but it's totally worth it in my opinion. It fits like a dream - Merry looks so stinking cute in this thing I'm almost scared to walk her around unless I'm in the mood to be chatted up by half the city. And urban girl? She loves the thing. I think she knows how cute she looks. That's my theory. I'm sticking to it.

Wooflink has hit one way, way out of the park. This design house continues to inspire and delight us. We can't wait to see what's next from them!

You can find out more about Wooflink from their web site at

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