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Bad to the Bone Dog Tanks

Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

My mom (and I'll wager a lot of your moms too) grew up in a time when girls were supposed to be polite. Demure. Self-effacing. Where you were more seen than heard. Their grandmothers went a step further and believed a lady should not ever raise her voice above a certain tone.

Thankfully (!!) I live in the 21st century, and so does my furkid. Which means it's not only okay for me to sport some attitude, but it's considered positively adorable for the puglet to do so.

When you're wanting attitude for your pup, there is no better company for it than K9 Duds. Their line of apparel for pets and owners can truly be considered Bad to the Bone, and their newest lineup is no exception. They sent along two of their newest tanks for us to take a look at.

First up is the Ruff Rocker tank in "green" - now, they call it green, but it's really kind of a rough antiqued mustard color. This is a hard-rockin', guitar-hero-lovin, Wooddtock-street-cred tank with a fiery flame "tattoo" running up both sides in the back, bracketing a white electric guitar. Across the top, the rough-hewn text reads "Ruff Rocker" and the bottom reads "Looking for trouble" - which, of course, Merry nearly always is.

I love the heavy-duty mineral wash on the shirt (it provides wonderful depth of color, making the edges and borders slightly darker as well as the space between each of the ribs. The material is a soft and stretchy ribbed cotton, 100% cotton just like all K9 Duds tanks and tees.

The second tank design is a little rougher around the edges - so if you're offended by strong language, please click away now to some nice pretty pink dog clothes and other lovely pink things.

Okay. Still with me? Lovely!

The second tank, as I was saying, is for the furkid who truly is bad to the bone - and doesn't mind who knows it. This design tells the viewer in no uncertain terms: I want the truth. Don't hand me any lines. It's for tough-talking pups, is what I'm saying. The center design is of "brass" (though they're silver in the design) knuckles flanked by red roses. The tank lettering reads: Talk Shit, Get Bit.

(I think that's the first time I've ever sworn on Pampered Puppy. It's possible I'm blushing.)

This tank, like the Ruff Rocker, is made of soft and stretchy 100% ribbed cotton. It, too, has a wash on it - I'm not sure if it's the mineral wash or just an acid wash (I'm tempted to say the latter) in a dark gray.

Like all K9 Duds tanks, these shirts are form fitting and hit an inch or two above the tail. They have three seams - one under each arm, and one down the center of the chest, which helps the shirt to mold to your dog's body. They come in sizes to fit everything from the teeniest teacup (1-4 pounds) to a medium sized dog (up to 28 pounds).

Fit, workmanship are all stellar and I have to admit I love the attitude of their designs. If you're looking for 'tude for your pet (like they need any more, but still), K9 Duds continues to be awesome choice.

You can find out more about K9 Duds from their web site at   


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