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Baform's Bowls

Dog Bowls Review - A Merryvaluation

Most doggy divas (including our own Princess Meredith) are tiny in stature. It's not that you don't ever see a Great Dane or even a Bulldog (think Zelda) who is worthy of the title Diva, but there are definitely more divas out there who are diminutive in size, if not in attitude.

This reality has created a wave of products made specifically for tiny dogs, particularly those in the 10 lbs. and under category. But while there are more tiny collars and sweaters than you can shake a bling-y diva stick at, we haven't seen as much of an explosion of small dog bowls created just for these tiny customers.
It's why the princess and I were so thrilled to see the new line of Royal Pawcelain Bowls from Dog Chewz NYC. These bowls are created specifically and only for the tiny teacup set. The set features two bowls with a diameter of only 4 inches. The food bowl is smaller, holding roughly 1/3 to 1/2 a cup of food maximum, while the water bowl holds about 1/2 to 2/3 of a cup of water to keep your little one hydrated.

These bowls are deliciously made from elegant porcelain and feature 18K gold lettering with the words "Baby's Food" and "Baby's Water". The company kindly set along a pink set to review, but these tiny dog bowl sets are also available in baby blue, cream, chocolate, black, or pink with animal print. This ensures you can match your decor and your tiny teacup's needs at the same time. (We thought the black was adorable too.)

Both bowls are completely lead-free and dishwasher safe (that's a big plus in our house), but cannot be put in the microwave because of the gold lettering.
You can see from the photos that the bowls are just a bit too small for the princess; if your dog weighs more than 10 lbs, you may want to consider getting larger dog bowls. However, these bowls are ideal for most teacups. And honestly, they're so adorable in person you can't help but saw "aww".

If we had one suggestion to offer: we'd love to see these bowls be customizable with your dog's name. Not sure if that's possible, given the design of the bowls, but it would be a lovely additional feature.

Merry and I have been consistently impressed by the ingenuity of Dog Chewz NYC's products, and these bowls are no exception. While we'll be passing on our bowls to a teacup friend of Merry's to enjoy, I was sorely tempteed to hang on to the bowls and pick out a new tiny addition to our family, instead. Yes, they're that cute.

Four paws up!

You can find out more about Dog Chewz NYC from their web site at

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