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Product Reviews

Athletic Dog Tank Tops

Dog Clothes - A Merryvaluation

Merry loves Hip Doggie. Merry's Mom loves Hip Doggie. Is there really anything else to say?

Actually, there is. Because, once again, Hip Doggie has sent us a package to crow about!

Athletic dog tank tops. Really, it's quite genius. Because as regular readers will know, Merry is not just a princess, not just a diva, not just a city girl... she's also in love with fetch. I mean, seriously, obsessively and fanatically in love with playing fetch. If she could, she'd play fetch 24 hours a day. She exhausts kids, teens, adults, grandparents - nobody can keep up with the pug when she has a ball and unlimited space to run.

Yes, she's an athlete. You can see it in her legs (far more muscular than the breed standard) and in the maniacal gleam she gets in her eyes when someone (foolishly) mentions the b-a-l-l. And yes, I have to spell it out around her!

Which means these athletic tank tops are just the trick. They come in a variety of colors - Merry and I received a brilliant pink and deep royal blue to try out.
The tanks are a nice thick cotton/lycra blend which mold themselves perfectly to most doggie shapes. They (as with all Hip Doggie products we've ever seen) fit wonderfully and look great. But what really makes them the perfect workout shirt for a diva dog is the trim. Silver! Yes, silver trim around the neck and arm bands, and a little strip of sparkly mesh down each side.

No tacky workout clothes for this little princess. The tank tops are just perfect for afternoons outside playing fetch, or even taking in a yoga class (don't believe it? you should - Merry is scheduled to take a yoga class with one of her good friends later this year!).

When working on your girlish figure, it's important to look good. Straight from the puggie's lips to you.

Merry and I hove been consistently impressed by the design, fit, quality and materials that go into the Hip Doggie clothing line. If you have a hip doggie, you can't go wrong with these clothes.

You can find out more about Hip Doggie from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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