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Astrological Dog ID tag

Dog Charms and ID Tags Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

Astrology is one of those things I dabbled with here and again during my lifetime. Not to the point where I could build you a chart with your houses or anything, but sometimes I read my horoscope, sometimes I read about other zodiac signs... enough so that I could probably tell you, when pressed, which signs are Fire and which are Air and which are Earth. Sometimes it seemed bang-on accurate, other times it seemed as vague as anything else.

The princess pug, born on June 6th, is a Gemini. According to Wikipedia, Geminis are extroverts, adaptable, charming, clever and youthful. They're also ideally suited for a job as a model.

Chalk one up for the astrology folks! That's a dead on a description as it gets for princess Meredith.

The folks at Dogoscopes totally get the astrology thing, which is why they've created a series of dog ID tags that form "a Zodiac guide to the souls of our pooches" (their words).

And they sent along a Gemutti tag (the dog-ized version of Gemini) for the princess to check out.

The front of the tag is circled in two shades of yellow and features the words "Gemutti/the Gemini" as well as an adorable illustration of twin fidos (the work of artist Jen Griggs Sebastian) with matching collars (because Gemini is the twins... get it?). All of the edging in the design is raised and metallic, while the rest of the tag is colored in.

The back of the tag is solid metal and engravable - in fact, the kind folks at Dogoscopes laser engraved it for us, with Merry's name and our work telephone number in case the princess goes missing.

We particularly liked the nod towards durability: each tag is made from "ruff-tuff" nickel-plated steel, and the covering of clear epoxy coating over the front of the tag.

Also nice is the sizing, to accomodate different-sized dogs: they sell two sizes, a 7/8" diameter (shown) for smaller pups, and a 1 1/8" diameter for bigger dogs. Nicest of all: the 15mm split ring is included - and not all ID tags come that way, so this small touch is appreciated.

Each package, of course, also gives you a little background on your furkid's zodiac sign and traits.

I thought these ID tags were a brilliant way to personalize your pooch's collar and also provide ID info in the event they go a'wandering. Dogoscopes tags are really clever; I can't wait to see what else the company comes up with!

You can find out more about Dogoscopes from their web site at 

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