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Asian-Inspired Dog Harnesses

Dog Harnesses Review - A Merryvaluation

Merry, the world's most fashion-obsessed pug, will tell you that clothing dog harnesses are hot, hot, hot. The last year or so has seen a huge explosion of available clothing harnesses in the market as new designers try their hand at this uniquely functional clothing item.

New to the fashion party? Not sure what a clothing harness is? Simple: it's like a walking harness, but it's made from fabric, and often is styled to look like a vest or dress or even a coat. They're easily identifiable - if you see a piece of clothing with a big d-ring hoop in the middle of the back, odds are you're looking at a clothing harness.

The princess loves them, particularly for summer wear - it's often too hot to wear a lot of clothing, but a clothing harness lets her dress up a bit and strut her stuff without weighing her down with both clothing and a collar or harness.

And there's nothing more perfect for a pug, since they're from Asia originally anyway, than to try not one, but two Asian-inspired harnesses.

I have to say, we fell head over paws for the turquoise. It was a brilliant, flashy silk that suited the pug perfectly. Hints of green and gold and red are threaded through it with the distinctive dragon design. Of course, the traditional red was lovely as well - a perfect match for our resident pug. A similar dragon design wove throughout the silk. The harnesses are also available in a stunning Olive Green or Tangerine (not shown).

The fit was wonderful - though we wouldn't recommend this for pudgier pugs. The princess did just fine on the girth of the harness, but then she's pretty svelte for a pug. :) Good, sturdy black velcro, a full inch and a half thick and several inches long, holds the harness together both at the chest and under the belly. Double and triple stitching was evident in all the stress points, to ensure the harness will stay together even if Fifi tugs a little. A stainless steel D-ring, broad enough for any dog leash or coupler, finishes the back.

It's important to note here that clothing harnesses are not recommended for dogs usually over 18-20 pounds, and not for any dog who is a strong puller. The velcro does well to hold on with normal to light wear but any clothing harness runs the risk of coming apart if your pup has a habit of taking a dead run toward the end of the leash. Smaller, less energetic dogs definitely benefit more from this fashion!

Can we say perfect for the Year of the Dog? Oh, yes we can! These dog harnesses are absolutely adorable, bright and colorful. Four paws up!

You can find out more about Waggin' Wear from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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