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Dog Grooming - A Merryvaluation

All girls like to smell pretty. But aromatherapy is about more than that. It's about harnessing the healing properties of nature in a healthy, gentle way. So with Spot Organics aromatherapy products, we make both Merry and myself happy - Merry, because she smells pretty, and Mom, because I know these products are both carefully formulated to be safe for dogs, and natural to work better with Merry's systems.

And for a change, I mean her physical systems, not the scheming system she has of wheedling kisses, hugs, and food from everyone she meets. :)

When we received our review package from Spot Organics, it was a lovely treat. Moments after opening the box, the healing scents of orange and lavender filled the apartment. Merry danced at my feet, sure it was food. But when I picked up the first bottle of body mist called "Happy" (an uplifting blend of bergamot, pink grapefruit, lime and ginger) and sprayed a bit on her back, she soon learned that this was stinky stuff for the body, and rolled around on her bed as if savoring the smell.

More exciting to Mom was the inclusion of a scent called "Chill" (a calming blend of lavender, green mandarin, clary sage and ylang ylang). Merry's a hyper little thing at the best of times, and the thought of having a calming scent in spray form, particularly at bedtime, was an encouraging one.

The rest of the package included "Bug Off!", a natural bug repellant spray, and our very favourite, the Orange Lavender hemp shampoo bar. Merry loved getting rubbed down with it (one of those times you wish you had another person in the house with a camera at the ready) and I loved that she smelled so yummy and felt so soft afterwards.

Another nice feature of these products is that each one is hand-blended, meaning that you know time and care has gone into the making. They are cruelty free and use recycled materials wherever possible. Good for you, good for them, good for the environment.

Does dog aromatherapy work? Well, not as instantaneously as, say, drugs. But as someone who's been dabbling in aromatherapy at home for quite some time, I can tell you that you'd be surprised how your body can be affected by the application of certain oils and natural products. I burn cinnamon oil in my home every single day, and I can't tell you what a calming effect it has.

Merry and I both say Woof Woof! We love Spot Organics! When are they coming out with more products?

You can find out more about Spot Organics from their web site

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