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Leather Winter Dog Coat

 Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation

Looking for truly luxurious winter dog coats? Many of the most decadent coats out there are made from real leather. When it comes to pet wear, this winter fabric staple is still rare, which gives it a special cachet that the most spoiled among our furkids - Princess Meredith chief among them - fall in love with and won't give up on.

So when we received our care package from Ready to Wag and it included their crème de la crème of winter coats, the Classic London Leather Jacket, the princess pug was doing puggy cartwheels. (You should see the video.)

To be sure, this is one of the most decadent coats we've ever reviewed. The exterior shell is made entirely from incredibly thick yet supple dark chocolate brown leather, and the interior is made even warmer with a dyed-to-match plush shearling lining. The chocolate is rich, dark (just like good Godiva chocolates - mmm, Godiva, but we digress) and luscious, and looked to die for with Merry's coloring.

The style is a unique one, something we've never seen before. Rather than a traditional two-strap velcro design, or a full-out connected coat, the folks at Ready to Wag have opted for something in between. The right leg goes through a hole on the right side, and the coat wraps up and around the left side to fasten in front and below the belly, just like a two-strap velcro design. A slit is sewn in the back near the shoulder blades to allow a harness leash to feed through without spoiling the lines of the coat.

The fit was excellent - a little roomy in the shoulders, but altogether excellent. The length was true to the sizing, a relief particularly when buying higher-end fashions for your pet. The coat's available in a variety of sizes and even a few specific sizes just for hard-to-fit Whippets. Workmanship was exquisite. Every single person who has seen this coat has asked me if they make matching coats for people. No joke. I'd love one, as well.

If we had one thing to change, it would be the velcro fastening. The velcro straps are small, too small to really provide much variance in size. This, in and of itself, isn't a bad thing, but velcro's main appeal as a fastener is its ability to fit a range of doggie shapes and sizes. The small velcro strips combined with the toughness and resistance of leather meant that every time the pug jumped up on her hind legs, the coat would unfasten. Was it too snug? Absolutely not. The coat just needed to take into better account the non-stretchiness of leather, and have better fasteners. A quick trip to a local seamstress, who put in snugly sewn chocolate brown buttons instead (not shown, as it was done after the photo shoot), was just the ticket this coat needed.

Did we love this coat? Oh, very much so. One of the best we've ever seen. Ready to Wag has convinced us that leather is definitely the way to go!

You can find out more about Ready to Wag from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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