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Dog in the Closet Denim Dog Coat & Dress

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Ah, fashion. What slaves it makes of us all. The keeping up with trends. The layering of styles. The collections of items to fit every need: dressy, dressy casual, business, first date, picnic in the park, dinner and a movie, laundry day, New Year's Eve party and everything else in between.

It's exhausting, I tell you. Well, Merry would tell you. If she could talk. Because she's actually much more hip than I am (haven't bought a new pair of Ferragmos in ages and don't even talk to me about the latest DK or Chanel... I'm so behind).

But such is the life of a princess pug / model type dog. It's hard work but somebody has to do it, baby.

Luckily, with clothes like these, the tough grind of fashion gets a little bit easier. Bloomingtails Dog Boutique sent over a stunning collection of Dog in the Closet clothing and we've been ooohing and aaahing ever since.

First up, the San Francisco Denim Dog Coat. (Did I mention we're BIG fans of San Francisco?) Straight out of the Haight, the back of the denim coat for dog is covered with a fab plaid peace sign and decked out with rough-cut embroidered flowers. But its crowning feature is the wickedly deep and plush faux fur collar in green.

The coat is a standard style, with a wide velcro strap that closes beneath the belly and a similarly wide velcro strap across the chest. But the details are where the coat really shines.

The fabrics are excellent, wonderful weights and supple. They were chosen by a designer who clearly knows her fabrics. The denim's a good solid denim, flexible without being floppy. The interior of the coat is lined in a soft black jersey.

The coat's not heavily padded - unless your pooch only needs a lighter covering, you may want something heavier for winter. But this coat would rock for fall, spring, or even winter in the city by the bay.

Next, we reviewed their Heidi Silk Dog Dress from Dog in the Closet. This was honestly one of the most cleverly designed dresses I'd seen in a long time. It's made of very, very lightweight silk red plaid fabric, with a puckered gathered top across the shoulders but a solid stable chest covering. Spaghetti straps hold the dress in place and the skirt is slightly full, but not too much so. An extra strap ties into a spaghetti bow in the back.

The dress is so lightweight, in fact, that you'd think it would be tough to get on, but the clever cut of chest, shoulder and spaghetti strap all work together to ensure the dress slides right into place, and doesn't slide off very easily. The elastic in the gathered top is clearly the key.

While it does need hand washing, it doesn't need any ironing. Which is a good thing. Because I don't iron.

Fit of both puppy outfits were wonderful. The coats do fit a little longer (it extended an inch or so past Merry's tail) but this isn't unusual in this style of coat. The workmanship was incredible - great seams, really fabulous fabrics, and a subtle sense of style that means your pooch can find himself an instant classic from this collection.

Bloomingtails Dog Boutique is an authorized retailer for all Dog in the Closet products.

I can't say enough good things about these two pieces - both are going to become staples in the diva's dog closet. Four paws up.

You can find out more about Bloomingtails Dog Boutique from their web site at

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