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Hot Dog Hoodies

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

It's no secret to regular readers of this column how much I love K9 Duds' clothing line. We love their designs, their fabrics, their color choices - as you can see in these past reviews: 1, 2. The princess loves their stuff as well - partly because they're so darned comfortable, and partly because of the incredible amount of attention she gets when she wears them!

When we opened up the latest package from these design dynamos, we weren't in the least disappointed: hot colors, great materials. What fun!

Two new hoodies were included in this review: Tough Love dog hoodie, and As Always Serve and Protect dog hoodie. As well, the company included one of their newest tanks: Mommy & Daddy Love Me The Best (awww...).

First up: the Tough Love dog hoodie. The style is a loose (we think of this fit as boxy, which is wonderfully fun on your pet after all the fitted items out there), sleeveless baby jersey hoodie in 100% cotton - and the hood istelf, as with many of the K9 Duds' line, is a nicely oversized design that gathers beautifully at the back of the neck. We love the way the hood is fastened to the shirt as well; the soft, draping fabric creates a lovely "V" at the front of the neck. Here you'll find more of their signature tiedyed ("crystal washed") look; a fabulous meld of dark greens, mid-range greens, and lime. It's stunning - and it's so nice to see it in green. It's such a great color, and there aren't a lot of products out there for dogs in this shade.

The back of the hoodie is printed with another tattoo-inspired design; a dark green design full of flourishes topped with the words "Tough Love, Always & Forever" printed in white, along with a white skull design complete with angel wings. And the words "Tough Love" on the back of a 17 pound pug? Come on - seriously adorable.

The second hoodie, Always Serve and Protect, is a fast favorite as well. Instead of jersey material, this hoodie features lightweight baby thermal in 100% cotton - and this is by far our favorite of their materials. It's a perfect softness that works just fabulously for this style of clothing. This, too, is "crystal washed" to create a fabulous array of colors from delicious cherry red to touches of midrange pink. The cut is identical to the first - boxy, sleeveless, with a gorgeous hood that drapes softly over the back. This, too, features a tattoo-inspired design; a heart in the center with swords through it is surrounded on both sides by a rose wrapped in a snake. The words "Always True" and "Serve and Protect" couldn't be more perfect for a doggie hoodie if they'd tried.

The final shirt, a baby pink sleeveless tank is a soft ribbed 100% cotton that fits a little more closely (think of typical girlie tanks for women). We loved this saying best of all: "Mommy & Daddy Love Me The Most". ('Course, that might be because Merry's about to get a daddy, so this shirt is now doubly appropriate.)

This dog shirt's design features a snake-wrapped rose in black and many red curlicues, as well as a red heart crossed with swords.

Once again, we can't say enough good things about the K9 Duds line of gear. Every new item we get is just that much more fabulous - in design, in color, in fit, and in sheer touchability. This company makes some of the coolest casual gear in the industry, and we're always excited to see what new stuff they're up to!

You can find out more about K9 Duds from their web site at

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