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Product Reviews

Hipster Clothing for Dogs

Oh how we're digging this month's Wooflink items. This design house continues to stretch and grow with interesting designs you just won't find anyplace else.

First up, the Rock All-in-One dog jumpsuit. This set features the classic velour hoodie/jeans combo but with a bit more panache. It looks like two separate pieces but is actually all-in-one (making it far easier to get on and off). The top half features a classic peachy pink velour sweatshirt with embroidered lettering and crest - very à la a certain designer we all know (let's just say their name rhymes with Lucy Footure). Gold studs adorn the back of this cushy and super-soft hoodie. The back reads "The Evolution of Rock" and features red ribbed sleeves, hood, and waist.

The pants! How cute are the pants? They're a crazy patchwork quilt of denim, red fabric with white stars, and black fabric with metallic gold lettering. They feature two functional pockeds (ust like human jeans) and even have typical jean studs holding the works together. Talk about attention to detail.

Fit is fantastic, as always, and this little outfit is a perfect weight for spring or fall gadabouts or leisurely Sunday strolls (followed by the requisite Sunday couch cuddling). The good news is that in this outfit, cuddling is guaranteed. The velour is dreamy soft.

Ready for back to school? Don't let your pooch feel left out; this tailored dog dress looks just like a school uniform but with far greater cuteness levels. The bodice is a real "blouse", albeit made from stretchy, happy, dog-friendly material. The blouse features black embroidered edging on a peter pan collar, metallic buttons and a black and white ribbon bow tie. The blouse is topped iwth a black vest (attached) that features a faux pocket and an embroidered "Wooflink Rock & Roll" school patch.

Beneath the blouse, a thin white liner covers the torso and is attached to the red plaid skirt, featuring two layers and a white lace edging.

Despite its looks, it's actually a very simple outfit to pull on and off - just like a t-shirt. Everything's attached together to hang and wear perfectly.


Fit is perfect, quality as always is unmatched.

We can't wait for Merry to go back to school in this outfit - she'll wow the kids for sure! (No boys, Merry - remember our deal!)

You can find out more about Wooflink or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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