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Product Reviews

Wooflink All-in-One Dog Hoodie

Wooflink can be counted on for many things with their designs, but one of the things we continually look to this design house for is innovation. This month's review piece doesn't disappoint in that area - it's fabulously fresh and new.

The Flower Garden all-in-one (we like to call 'em dog jumpsuits around here or rompers, but call them what you like for your dog) is quite possibly the most precious and gorgeous design we've ever seen for spring from Wooflink.

It features a pink bodice with a lilac flower print and a cream lace covered attached pant. But what's even cooler is the additional cream and lace hooded jacket vest that also comes with the outfit. It can be worn over the jumpsuit or removed for warmer weather.

As with every Wooflink design for dogs, this outfit really shines in the details. The neckline and arms are lined with a thin row of lace. Between the shoulder blades you'll find a fake placket featuring two lovely blingy buttons.

The buttons are echoed at the waistband, and the leg cuffs mirror the bodice with more lilac-powered pink material.

The vest (which can also be worn separately, on its own) is hands down the cutest part here. Lace-covered creamy material, gold stitch edging, and tiny pink satin bows around the waist make this outfit really shine. Perfect for Easter walks!

We've really been noticing Wooflink's trend towards less over-the-top designer duds for dogs; their earlier designs featured many more blings and pops, and often big words strewn across the back of their designs. Not that there's anything wrong with that - but this understated elegance has its place too, and works wonderfully in this romantic piece.

Fit is perfect, quality as always is unmatched.

Our favorite outfit for spring? The Flower Garden by Wooflink, of course!

You can find out more about Wooflink or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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