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Winter Thermal Dog Pajamas

It's that season again!

The weather's getting a little chilly. There's a definite nip in the air. You find yourself thinking about a log on the fire, hot chocolate made from good dark chocolate and a single Madagascar vanilla bean and real homo milk, to heck with that skim stuff.

Or maybe you're thinking about curling up in front of the tree, all snuggly and warm underneath a huge dog fleece blanket. The pooch all curled up in the curve of your knee in that cute little way they have of finding the best curling-up spot ever.

But there's one common theme here with all of these dreams:

They're about warmth, baby, and this winter, your pet needs all the help he or she can get.

Thermal pajamas for a pooch? Oh, say yes.

I fell in love with these gorgeous red thermal PJ's for dogs from The Haute Hound literally the moment I opened the package. They're just the cutest things, possibly ever.

First, the color just makes you think of this season - not just Christmas, but all winter long. They're a gorgeous cherry red (sorry, the photos just don't do them justice) and the pattern of silkscreened snowmen - complete with red scarf and coal for eyes and a black silk hat.

Second, they're one-piece, four legged warmth and comfort. You know those wonderful waffle-weave long johns they've been selling for years for ladies and gents? Same material, folks, same type of design in fact, only... it's for your pooch. The fabric is 100% waffled cotton, soft and stretchy. All four sleeves are finished properly with stretchy solid red cuffs.

Third, the details. (My readers by now know how much I love the details - it can totally make or break an item of clothing.)

For these long johns for dogs, the little bit of detailed wonderfulness comes over the tail. One of the more endearing things about long johns (for people) is the adorable buttoned up flap over the rear. Show me a little kid in those and tell me your heart doesn't melt. Well, these pajamas emulate that design - it's not functional, since nobody who has dogs really wants to seal off their behinds from the world.

But it looks just like those functional flaps - with black contrast stitching, and two shiny black buttons stitched into the backside.

So. Very. Cute.

The fit was fantastic, exactly as described, and the stretchy waffle weave should accomodate differences in sizing well. I can't imagine not having a pair of these for the holidays. You'd better believe that when Merry curls up each night this season, dreams of sugarplums in her head, that she'll be bundled up in these dadgum cute pajamas.

As should your pooch. Go on. Y'know you wanna.

You can find out more about The Haute Hound from their web site at

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