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Dog Hoodies & Harness

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation

If you're a fashionable pup (and we think everyone agrees the world's most famous diva pug fits into that category), then odds are your closet is full to bursting with hoodies, which are still the go-to fashion choice for spring and fall. The good news is if you're a hoodie lover, you've got lots and lots of choices. The bad news is: not all hoodies are created equal. Cute ones abound. Cute ones that fit and go the extra mile in terms of style are harder to come by.

Luckily for you - you've got us. And after the millions of designs we've tried on, it's safe to say we're experts in hoodiosity.

Luckier still - we've found, hands down, the best hoodie design we've ever tried on, and they came straight to us from the folks at Ready to Wag.

These hoodies are tight - and we're not talking about girth. Every detail is carefully planned, and the entire package leaves us with the realization that Ready to Wag's designers thought for a long time about this design before committing scissor to fabric.

The fit is loose - kind of a steal-the-boyfriend's-clothes kind of fit, which is fantastic particularly for pets who have a little more to love. The sleeves are just long enough to provide warmth without being so long you'll need to roll them up, except in extremely short-legged breeds. The fabric is a delicious poly blend, nice and thick without being overbearing, and of some of the highest quality we've ever seen in hoodie fabric for pets. Someone took their time on this, to source the right materials for the job. All workmanship is incredibly well done - if this thing came in people's sizes, we'd own a dozen.

But for us, bar none, the most fabulous part is the hood itself - this is the design element that can make or break a hoodie design. Most pet hoodies, we're sad to say, feature a small hood that is far more decorative than functional - too tiny to realistically put over your pet's head, and perhaps even designed incorrectly to do so.

Not so with these hoodies. These are serious hoods, meant for wearing - they're even finished on both sides, and carefully designed to fit over your pet's head without blocking their eyesight. Even when Merry had her head down to sniff the ground, the hood stayed above her eyes. We can't stress enough how hard this task is - to design a hood that's functional without being so big that it blocks the dog's view when flipped up. But the folks from Ready to Wag have hit it on the head.

Ready to Wag also sent along one of their fantastic lightweight dog harnesses, perfect for hot summer days or for wear under bulky coats without chafing. Made from a thin, soft cotton ribbon, it's a step-in harness that comes low on the chest to prevent choking and fastens over the shoulder blades. It's a wonderful harness, super light and easy to use, and focuses the bulk over the top of your pet, where they're least likely to notice the bulk. Smart design, and we love the sparkly silver thread.

Ready to Wag has hit it out of the park with these designs, particularly the hoodies! If you're going to buy one hoodie this year, this is the one to buy.

You can find out more about Ready to Wag from their web site at

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