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Product Reviews

Winter Dog Clothing

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. That has been Mother Nature's theme song so far this year. We have had record amounts of snow this year and that means perfect timing for this new review. IS Pet has gotten rave reviews in the past from Merry so Piper was very excited to review these three items.

First up is the Race Dog Jacket. This was a favorite of one of the Pampered Puppy staffers and I can see why! This coat with its water resistant outer liner is perfect for those heavy snow falls we have had around here. What got this staffer the most excited was the faux fur on the hood. This adds a fun touch to this coat. Another great thing IS Pet did with this coat is make the sleeve long enough to cover most of her legs. As any good mom or dad know, you want to cover up your dog as much as possible when outside! You can tell how much thought and detail and been put into this coat by the fact that they have added a zipper protector. As the owner of a long haired dog, I am always worrying about Piper's hair getting stuck in a zipper or velcro. But in this case, you don't need to worry! Another feature I appreciate? The fact that while the interior lining is 100% polyester, it feels much like satin, when Piper is wearing this coat, there is no need to worry about her fur matting. All around this is an excellent option for those looking for a thick winter coat for their dog.

The second is Victoria's Winter Dog Coat in brown (it is also available in pink and blue). Like the first this item is also very well made and thick. It features a wind proof outer layer and an extremely soft inner layer. It is an easy on, easy off coat with snaps on the belly. For those dogs that use a collar to walk to your dog, it does feature a slit for the d-ring to come through. While I do wish this was for a harness, it is a great option for those that use collars. While brown is a gender neutral color, the gold lining and ruffled trim gives it a feminine touch. The last feature, that is well thought out is that there is an elastic band through the middle that allows this coat to grow with your dog! No more straining to get it on your dog if they have fattened up over the winter with inactivity. But my favorite detail on this coat is the soft interior lining, both you and your dog will love!

The final item in this review is the Kitty Sweater, besides fitting Piper perfectly, it fits her personality perfectly! There are so many times I think she is half cat! My first thought when I held this zip up sweater is how thick it is. There is a time and place for thin sweaters, but during the middle of a Wisconsin winter, those won't do. This sweater does it though. It has two layers of nice thick materials. The exterior has a knit look, while the interior lining has a soft plush feel. It was very easy to put on and take off, which is needed with a dog who doesn't sit still for very long. This sweater also features the zipper protector which is a great benefit to this already great sweater! No need to worry about skin getting zipped up or fur gettin stuck.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the quality of items from IS Pet. All three were very well made and thick. I feel comfortable enough to recommend any of their items based on the quality and workmanship of these three. You can find all of their items at

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