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Product Reviews

Freedom No Pull Harness

I have a confession to make. For everything I know about dogs and for all the advice I give, I have a horrible secret: Paddington is the WORST leash walker ever! It's terrible and I know it's totally our fault.

When Paddington came into our lives, my husband I lived in a tiny apartment and therefore whenever Paddington went out, she had to be leashed. As a puppy, and still now, Paddington loved to run around and sniff everything and would subsequently always be at the end of her leash, pulling us towards the next thing to sniff. We didn't know how to properly correct it and ended up accidentally reinforcing the bevavior. Oops.

Since those puppy days we have moved into our first home, which has a beautiful yard. Paddington has also learned to walk ok on the leash, but only if she is in between my husband and I. If one of us is walking her alone or if we're not in perfect formation, she pulls.

We have tried so many no-pull leashes with Paddington that I cannot even count. All of them claimed to be the best of the best and none of them worked....until now!! When we received the Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness by Wiggles, Wags and Whiskers I will be honest and tell you I was a bit skeptical. Paddington is, in my opinion, the worst leash walker ever, and I wasn't sure it would work.

As soon as I put it on her and we started walking my jaw dropped to the floor and I was forced to eat my words - it actually worked!! For the first time, pretty much ever, Paddington wasn't pulling on our walk. I was ecstatic and I am pretty sure Paddington picked up on my great mood as she starting walking tall and looking very proud of herself.

The harness works in two ways; it has a loop located in between the shoulder blades on the dog's back which tightens gently around the chest if the dog pulls, and it also has a loop at the front of the harness for additional control over the dog by allowing you to essentially "steer" the dog back into the right position.

When I first looked at the harness I was a bit confused as to which way was the right way to put it on. The leash and harness came with a brochure that had a three step diagram that helped show me how to attach it to Paddington. It hangs a bit loosely on her even with the tightest adjustments done to the straps, but it worked well. I am not sure I'd want it too much tighter anyways.

The harness is very sturdy and I have no worries about Paddington getting out of it. It is made with stainless steel hardware and strong nylon webbing and even comes with a Chewing Warranty! The underside has a soft velvet lining that sits behind the legs so that Paddington was very comfortable and I had no worries of chaffing - something that has happened to her in previous harnesses! She even had two little bald patches on the side of her shoulders at one point! We won't have to worry about that at all with this harness.

Another problem we have had in the past is with Paddington's throat collapsing. When this happens it isn't good - she makes a sound like she's wheezing and she cannot breathe properly. It is actually her trachea collapsing and it can happen to any dog who is a leash puller, and is especially common in smaller dogs. This harness greatly reduces the chance that Paddington will cause herself to have a trachea collapse because she will not be pulling, and the harness will not be putting any additional pressure on her throat which is wonderful.

The dog harness and leash combo that Paddington tried out is a beautiful pink and I was happy about that because she actually doesn't own anything pink - despite being a girl! If pink isn't your taste, Wiggles, Wags and Whiskers offers a ton of great colours you can choose from!

From the owner of the previously named "worst leash walker" I can honestly vouch for the Freedom No-Pull Harness by Wiggle, Wags and Whiskers. It works, and I couldn't be happier about it.

You can find out more about Wiggle, Wags and Whiskers or find out where to buy their products from their web site at Tell them Paddington sent you!

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