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Product Reviews

Dog Sweater, Coat & Hairbows

Is there anyone reading these reviews who has yet to realize that pink is the signature colour for our resident princess pug? If so - welcome - you must be new! For the rest of you, you already know that the princess has a larger wardrobe in pink than a New Yorker's wardrobe in black. We're talking a serious statement of colour here, folks.

It was why we were thrilled to see two new options for the princess this winter in her signature color - an incredibly cushy sweater and a personalized dog coat from the folks at A Pet's World. At the risk of sounding like carnival hucksters, we have to say: wait, though, that's not all! They also sent along an adorable selection of their hair bows for us to review.

(As the pug doesn't have hair long enough to review bows, she was kindly helped out by her friend Izzy, a teacup Yorkie who loves topknots. See her photos at the bottom of this review.)

Let's tackle the sweater first. Made from a tonal eyelash yarn, it's a kaleidoscope of pinks (though it's also available in blues) and is thickly knitted, giving the sweater a really good weight. The sweater is also lined with a stretchy fabric - a feature we absolutely fell in love with - to keep claws and paws from snagging on the yarn while getting dressed and undressed. Brilliant. The company told us that the lining also helps to prevent the hair on some dogs from matting - we don't have much of a way to test that, since Merry's short-haired. We can tell you this, though: the dog sweater is fabulously warm since it has two layers. It's perfectly wonderful for dry winter wear (we'd suggest you stick to coats when it's snowing) and kept Merry toasty warm on our walks.

The sweater also comes with leg loops at the back to keep everything in place. If you don't like the loops, the company assures us that they're easy to just snip off and won't leave any dangling threads. But to be honest, with how active this pug is, we like the loops! It also helps to assure her wee body is completely covered in sweater at all times, making it even more appropriate for winter.

It's deliciously soft, which in the end was the main thing that sold it for Merry. It's one of her favorite outfits now and we anticipate this sweater is going to see a lot of street wear this winter and spring.

The personalized coat was a wonderfully fitted fleece. It's made from anti-pill quality fleece and is lined again on the inside with the same fleece, creating a double layer to keep your pet protected and warm. We absolutely loved the fit; the bottom piece covers the belly and comes with not one but two velcro-covered straps which wrap up the sides, creating a snug and personalized fit regardless of the size of your dog's belly. But to be honest, the coat fit Merry to a tee - each velcro strip matched up precisely (keep in mind the pug is very - abnormally so for the breed - svelte). The coat also comes with a large leash/harness opening at the neck.

Of course the crowning glory is the personalized touch - your pet's name embroidered in script over the back haunch. Made Merry feel very Laverne (as in the TV show). But no milk & Pepsi for this little dog!

We loved, most of all, the fit of these two items. They are not strangely proportioned. Every detail has been carefully considered and every seam and edge shouts quality. The pug couldn't have been better fitted in these items had they been custom made, and that says a lot about the quality of the goods designed by A Pet's World. They're into quality in a big way, and it shows.

Finally, the dog hair bows. The company sent a dizzying array of choices - some barrettes with starched bows and metal clasps, some simpler bows with not one but two elastics on the back to make it easier to put on and avoid the strain on a single elastic. Izzy assures us it makes the bows last much longer.

Some of our favorites were the more detailed starched bows, usually with several types of ribbon. Every single hair bow or barrette (except for the red plastic dog bone) came with some charming detail at the centre - a ladybug, a rhinestone, a tiny pink bow. It's these small details, on such a tiny pet to begin with, that makes all the difference. And more importantly, these bows (they come in two sizes, and the company sent the smaller) are incredibly lightweight to be able to grab onto the tiny topknot on Izzy's head and not fall over. That makes them perfect for teacups and other pups with just a wee bit of hair to grab into a bow.

Quality (and astoundingly good prices to boot) is definitely the key word with these items from A Pet's World. We're very, very impressed - and it's hard to impress us after all these years!

You can find out more about A Pet's World from their web site at

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