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Product Reviews

Wall Mounted Pet Feeder

There are two big drawbacks to traditional, floor-based pet feeders:

  1. A determined dog nose can push them around the floor.
  2. Tough to clean underneath (and you know that's where all the loose food and slobber and unmentionable bits end up).

Luckily, a Canadian design company named Vurv, well known for their sleek modern pet beds and feeders, decided to tackle this problem dead-on.

The WOWO wall mounted pet feeder is incredibly sleek. Topped with white laminate, the curved modern front is covered in one of Vurv's signature finishes: in this instance, Wenge (a dark wood color). Inside, two heavy duty stainless steel bowls give your pet handy raised access to food and water (or food and food, if you're feeding two).

The feeder mounts seamlessly and invisibly to the wall with a single metal bracket. It's a breeze to install; there are just a few holes in the bracket (our size, the medium, had five) that you screw to the wall at the height your pet will find easiest to access. Once the bracket is secured, you simply slide the feeder over the metal bracket and stand back to admire your handyman-like abilities.

Cleaning is a breeze - the bowls are removable for easy filling and cleaning, and the entire feeder itself is incredibly lightweight and you simply pull up to remove it from the bracket for wipe-downs right over the sink.

The biggest part of the job is thinking about placement. We went to install it in our kitchen only to realize that our baseboards were so deep that the princess couldn't reach the bowls. We had to settle for a secondary location with lower baseboards. For those of you with standard baseboards and/or larger dogs, this likely won't be a problem, but do give it thought before ordering. (The depth of the feeder itself is a few inches so be sure to add that in.) You may also want to use a level to ensure the bracket goes on straight so Fido's water doesn't tilt precariously in the bowl (well, that tip's mostly for non-handy, couldn't-make-a-straight-line-with-a-ruler types like me!).

The invisibility thing is a big one for me. Especially in a more modern home, this is a welcome alternative to heavy brackets or unsightly metal "decorations" that really just give you the ability to hook up the feeder to the wall. This is a much more elegant alternative and would go perfectly in homes that favor clean lines.

Merry, as you can see, had no trouble scouting out food in the bowl once we installed the feeder to the proper height. Anything that gives her access to food automatically earns a four paw review.

And in the end? The WOWO pet feeder is easy to install, sleek and modern, simple to clean and helps us keep our dogs in touch with one of the most important things in their lives: food (oh, come on, you knew I wasn't going to say us).

You can find out more about Vurv from their web site at

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