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Vintage Look Dog Dresses

This review is so hard to do because I can't come up with a word.

There's this look right now in dog clothing fashion, and it doesn't seem to have a name, other than perhaps eclectic. It's a little bit vintage - vintage silkscreened tees are definitely part of it - and it's a little bit a mashup of different styles and colors and patterns, a putting together of different textures and components, unfinished edges and visible seams and particularly if you live in a big city you've probably been seeing it for a while.

I don't know what it's called and I talked to three different fashionistas (other than the resident pug); they couldn't help me out. They knew what I meant, they know how to create that look, but to name it? Fuggedaboutit.

So I've decided to call it vintage eclectic. And that's important, because the three fab dresses we got to review this month from Wooflink, a very hot design house for pets, are all about vintage eclectic. They're a hip mix of vintage-look silkscreening, belts and accessories, rough edges and casual styles that will have you running for your checkbook.

Yes, that's right - if you buy these dresses, your dog may actually be more hip than you. What an excuse to go shopping for you! :)

The first dress in the lineup is calles "Stop Chasing Me" - for the words silkscreened along the back of the dress along with a wicked cool skull & CB. We loved the look of this dress, kind of a nod to pirate gear with a vintage eclectic feel: black and red, with a flouncy red & white striped skirt and an underskirt with a tiny floral print. Makes you think of bloomers and pirate ports of call.

The bodice is made from soft t-shirt material and has rough, unfinished edges (on purpose, folks - ah, fashion, how we love thee) and is topped by an equally roughly cut red strip along the nexk and arm holes. The waist - so cute! - features real belt loops and a stretchy red belt that's really just decoration, but looks wicked cool.

The second dress, called I Need to Look Cute, lives up to its name. Closer to a summery dress with a very spaghetti-strap feel, it features a t-shirt bodice in brilliant peach with peace signs and other retro type silkscreened on the back as well as extra bits of material stitched on to create a very hip look. The waistband is a stretchy ribbed navy cotton (matches the arm holes, which are also finished with the navy rib) and it paves the way for the gotta-love-it turquoise ruffled (t-shirt material) skirt - two layers - and an underkirt of even more brilliant turquoise mesh.

So hip it hurts, folks.

But all of that is nothing compared to the last dress we reviewed, which was hands-down our favorite for its funky feel and slightly goth look. The tank top tee bodice is black and grey striped with a tiny thread of gold running along each stripe. The vintage silkscreen is to match - gold with a little red, stars and stripes , a skull and the phrase "Let's Rock With Wooflink" on the back. The front features a silkscreen as well of a skull & CB in red.

The details of this dress was what really sold it for us, however. Each side features a little corset with brass holes and black satin ties. The skirt is belted by a canvas black belt with antiqued brass snaps. The skirt itself is two layers of thicker black tee material with the tiniest hint of black lace trim at the edge of the ruffle.

Seriously, seriously cute dog dress.

The fit of all three dresses was fabulous - Merry fits solidly into their size 5, which accomodates a 14" topline, and the style and attention to detail in each dress was superb.

If there was any doubt before, there isn't any longer - the princess is the hippest fashion pug in the history of dogwear, and we've got the incredible designers at Wooflink to thank. These dresses rock - literally - and we cannot wait to see what else they come up with. Expect big things from this design house, folks.

You can find out more about Wooflink from their web site at

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