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Vintage Inspired Dog Bowls

When you're the world's biggest pug diva, it's all about trendsetting. Some people's lives are affected by weather. Some people's lives are affected by politics. But really, when you're princess Meredith, your life is affected by fashion, trends, and the moods of your public.

It's exhausting, I tell you.

(Is that why we have so many beds for the princess? -- Ed.)

The point is - we were getting there, honest - is that brand new is so yesterday, people. I mean really. Vintage is totally where it's at.

The problem with vintage when it comes to pets - well, folks didn't treat their dogs quite so well two hundred years ago, or even fifty years ago for that matter. So finding truly delicious vintage stuff for pets can be a challenge.

Enter Gimmepawz, with their brilliantly designed vintage-inspired bowls for pets. The company was kind enough to send along one of their Eat Drink & Be Hairy bowls for us to check out.

The bowls are just stinking cute. They're lovely ceramic bowls with a weatherbeaten look. Every bowl is 100% lead free and dishwasher safe. They also come in these incredibly yummy shades: honeydew, cherry red, turquoise (shown), blueberry, squash and raspberry. Mmm. Makes you want to eat, just thinking about it!

While these bowls (Eat Drink & Be Hairy) are only available in one size, the company also makes smaller and larger versions of their bowls to accomodate dogs from all walks of life. As it were.

The real trick though: did Merry love the bowl? You bet! She loved the wide opening (pugs have such wide short little faces) and the fact that the bowl was heavy enough that it stayed put when she shoved her cute greedy pug face into the corners, trying to get every last drop of her food.

If you're looking for vintage for your kitchen or are just looking for some really fun bowls for water or food, we recommend Gimmepawz highly! We can't wait to see what they come up with next.

You can find out more about Gimmepawz from their web site

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