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Product Reviews

Vintage Dog Coats

When it comes to fashion, vintage is hot. Reworked vintage is even hotter. Everywhere you turn, designers are taking vintage goods and making them just a little more now - sometimes with accessories, and sometimes with a whole lot more custom work.

It's all about the mixture, dahling, you see? The mix of casual and glam, ripped and metallic, overlapping sensuous textures against rough ones, these are the things that the fashion world's gone crazy for -- and the very thing your pet's going to start needing in her wardrobe. You know, to stay current. :)

Which is why Merry was one relieved diva to receive her package from Michele Marcombe, a designer whose flair for reworking vintage concert tees into handbags or swimwear have landed her inside the majority of fashion magazines. Her newest line is all about dogs, and these new dog coats - part of the Pup! line - are not just trendy, not just current, but a great deal of fun as well.

The Pup Tour Dog Coat (first two photos) is a wonderfully glamorized twist on the vintage concert tee. It's a lightweight coat, detailed with velvety ultrasuede and mixed together with a vintage concert tee (in this case, a Stones tee). Hand-applied crystals sparkle and add a touch of glam to the coat. It's finely sewn, and the ultrasuede border at the bottom of the coat helps it to hang better, but we wish the tee portion was lined. Not only would it hang more cleanly, but as it stands the rhinestone backs lay right against your pet's fur - we worry it might get caught in longer-coated breeds.

The Stuffed Shirt Dog Coat (last two photos) is par of the Martinis in Manhattan line, a nod to the glamorous New York of yesteryear. It's a classic, created from authentic tuxedo shirts and quilted sateen. The red is deliciously bold, and tiny hand-applied black crystals cover each buttonhole. The workmanship is likewise excellent, with decent black velcro strips at the chest and belly to hold the coat in place. The lines are clean and very girlie-masculine - kind of like that tuxedo we always wanted to wear out dancing.

Like all vintage and high-fashion items, the Pup! line from Michele Marcombe fits small. Particularly if your pet is broad, thickly furred or chunky, you're going to want to go up a size. Merry found both coats snug, though still wearable - a lot depends on your pet's clothing preferences.

Vintage is only beginning to hit the pet world - we can't wait to see what Michele comes up with next!

You can find out more about Michele Marcombe from her web site at Tell her Merry sent you!


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