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Product Reviews

Velour Doggie Jogging Suit

I think it's fair to say that Miss Merry, Diva Queen of the Pug Fashion world, owns a lot of clothing. The fact that her closet outweighs mine pound for pound (I know, since we had to move it all to a new home just this fall) would seem to support that fact. Many colors (though curiously not every color of the rainbow - the princess is missing several colors in her palette, truth be known), many styles, many materials.

But there's just one type of outfit I love best on her, one style I'll choose before all others, and that's the four-legged jogging dog suit. Maybe it's because I'm stuck in the early 00's when that's all Juicy Couture made, when hipsters of all stripes (particularly JLo) made wearing jogging suits (particularly velour) all the rage again, so long as they were paired with big shiny sunglasses (amber-colored lenses, natch) and a little (or a lot) of bling.

Mostly, though, I think it's because dogs look darned cute in all-legged outfits and hoodies.

So when FouFou Dog let us know they were sending along their Velour Tracksuit for dogs for us to try out, we were stoked.

The tracksuit is a cuddly soft pink velour with peach overtones (it's also available in baby blue for boy dogs). It's full-bodied, just as we like, but is sewn as a two piece (most tracksuits are made precisely the same way). This is to mimic the "look" of the two piece jogging suit without the nightmare of trying to handle a separate pants/sweater set on your active pooch.

In good tracksuit form, there's a little bit of piping down the side of the leg and down the chest of the top - white piping, natch. The "waist" and all four leg holes are finished with soft ribbed cotton about an inch deep. The hoodie is on the smaller side, more decorative than functional. The entire suit is unlined, making it last longer into the spring and fall.

What we liked:

The material is as cuddly and soft as it looks, but is still sturdy enough to stand up to wear. You feel some velours in this industry and you're not sure if they'll actually stand up to wear - these seem much more reasonable for dog clothing.

A real, functional zipper, double reinforced, runs down the entire chest.

There's a real, working drawstring threaded through the dog hoodie - it's white too - and we especially loved that rather than just knots at the ends, there are real chrome findings at the end of each side of the drawstring.

Not one, but two leash holes are built into the suit. One is at collar level, at the base of the hoodie, for collar wear. The other is mid-back, for harness wear. That's ingenious and something we've never seen before on doggy clothing. Makes sense, though - who would want to risk spoiling the line of this happenin' tracksuit?

As you can see, fit was great. These fit perhaps just a bit roomier and a smidge longer in the topline than other suits on the market, which means if you've got a pudgy baby this is definitely the choice for you - but it's still reasonable for very fit animals, like Merry; they just look cuddlier.

Workmanship is something we've come to admire in FouFou Dog's line - it's been consistently great, and that's a hallmark of a line that's here to stay.

We were thrilled to bits with the Velour Tracksuit from FouFou Dog. Every new product we see from them just reinforces what an exciting company they are to watch. We can't wait to see what they'll come out with next! You can find out more about FouFou Dog from their web site at

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