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Product Reviews

Two's Company Pet Bed

Anyone who has met a pug (even a diva, fashion-obsessed, lover-of-all-things-pink princess pug like our resident diva Meredith) knows how much sleep means to them. These little doggies don't just love sleep - please, darling, we're not amateurs - but they are veritable connoisseurs of sleep. If you place her on a pillow-top people bed with a down comforter, she will still climb up onto the huge stack of pillows at the head of the bed and wedge herself there. If you put a stack of blankets or dog beds on the ground, Merry will climb that stack until she's at the very top - no matter how unsteady the pile. The maximum amount of cushion between her and the ground is what the pug seeks (plus, I'm convinced, she loves to play King of the Castle but just doesn't want to climb snowbanks to do so).

Suffice it to say that the princess pug is... qualified... to properly review dog beds.

With all this as preface, we can honestly say that The Puppy Hugger beds are bar none the princess's favorite snoozing spot. We reviewed two beds from this company a while back and they continue to be the bed of choice for the pug. So when we heard that the company was sending along one of their newer designs, a Two's Company bed made just for a cuddling twosome, we were antsy as heck to get our paws on it and try it out.

(That's also because - shhhh - we're hoping to get her a little sister next spring, and how perfect would this bed be for that?)

The basic premise is this: when you have two dogs, you don't always have space for two dog beds. But one larger dog bed can cause territory disputes - ahem - so the folks at The Puppy Hugger came up with the Two's Company beds: a single bed that contains two wells, one for each of your two pups to cuddle up in.

The delish version we got sent was in pink - naturally, since it's the princess's signature color - with a fun & funky pink zebra print on the flip side. We loved the design and the color scheme (natch) - but we're thinking the zebra's a work of genius, since it will show the dirt far less quickly, and dirty paws are a reality when you have pups. (Yes, the princess occasionally gets dirty!) All beds from this company are also specially coated to resist dirt & dog hair.

One of the things we've always loved about these beds is their reversability - the construction and high quality the same on both sides, giving you a bit more "leeway" time before washing. (Yeah, there are days when I'm lazy about laundry. I think the pug is rubbing off on me.)

The construction is really clever. They've taken the traditional design of their beds and just turned the "wells" sideways to optimize space while still allowing all the cozy cuddly room your pup needs to feel safe and secure.

This bed is a size Small - that's the largest they go right now, though don't discount the possibility of one day there being larger sizing - and the company's info states that the two padded wells are suitable for pups up to 13 pounds. However, Merry had no trouble at all cuddling up in the well (in fact, these beds are one of the few beds she actually curls up into a ball in, rather than stretching out like the diva she so often is) and she's a 17 pounder, so you may be ok with a slightly larger dog -- just probably no bigger than the pug.

Like all beds from The Puppy Hugger, the padding is firm. These are not squishy beds to say the least. The whole point is that the firm sides around the well "hug" your pug (or Yorkie, or...) while they rest, giving them maximum cuddliness and security. It makes for a heavier bed than their squishy counterparts, but trust me when I say it's all worth it when you see the bliss on your pet's face as they cuddle in.

This dog bed is machine-washable, though it's important to air dry beds with this kind of fur - just leave them be on a counter or over the laundry tub for a day or so and then run your fingers over the fur to fluff it up again. However, unless you have a large capacity washer (perhaps a front-loading kind without the agitator) you may wish to take the bed to a laundromat to wash instead - I've found the firm padding doesn't really work too well around an agitator. That's even more so with this Two's Company bed, which is 36" on the long side. Many laundromats also have commercial-sized washers which would be perfect if you have a huge bed or two small ones.

I really can't say enough good things about these beds. If Merry were to lose her diva status and every bed in the house tonight, this is the bed I'd be buying tomorrow to replace them. You will not find a better made, sturdier, or more snuggly bed for your furkid.

You can find out more about The Puppy Hugger from their web site at

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