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Product Reviews

Two Plush Dog Nest Beds

Ah, dog beds. Vehicles of lounging and laying about. Symbol of all that is cushy and pampered in our furkid's lives.

How pugs know you well.

Seriously, the princess has a love affair with beds. (Okay, well, we help her with that, but still.) Beds of all sizes and shapes. If it's comfy enough to do some serious snuggling or flopping upon, then the princess pug would like one now, please. Or perhaps two. May we line the floor with them, actually?

The folks at The Puppy Hugger set out to help fulfill the princess's wishes by sending along not one but two of their (and we don't say this lightly) stellar dog beds.

The style of these beds are spot-on perfect for everyday lounging. Nest-style, they come up around your pet to hug them gently as they sleep. And believe us when we say we've tried dozens of beds in our lifetime - nest beds and den beds are always a good choice for pets. They just love 'em.

We actually like the notched donut style of the Puppy Hugger dog beds - it's a little lower in one spot. That's perfect for Merry to rest her chin in (and she does); it's also a perfect spot to grab on to when you're moving the bed around.

And fabrics: hoo! Let us tell you about these fabrics. Every single style (and there are many, many of them) in the Puppy Hugger line is a butter-soft faux fur, incredibly well made with lots of fibers. Most of their furs are not only stain-resistant (hello!), not only richly textured and soft, but also unique to Puppy Hugger. It means you're getting something just a little more unique. And when we're talking luxe, girlfriend, that's a plus.

Another feature we really liked: these beds are the same on the top AND bottom. It makes the bed completely flexible - if one side's a little matted down, flip the bed over! The workmanship is serious and excellent - everything's double stitched for extra longevity.

If we've said it once, we've said it a million times - the hallmark of a quality bed is in its loft. If it's so squishy that your pet nearly sinks to the floor on their first try, what will it be like once they've laid about on it for ages, once the thing's gone through the wash? Call us padding snobs, we don't care - to us, a quality, much less luxury bed, is one that supports your pet properly - off the floor, just as you like to be on your sofa.

Puppy Hugger beds are all that and a cherry on top. We've never seen such densely lofted beds. These are nicely firm, incredbily well padded and supportive (though we'll admit they're not lightweight as a result of all that padding!).

The beds are also all one piece. No zippers, velcro, sharp edges of any kind. To wash, just toss the whole darned thing in your washing machine and then lay flat, flipping every few hours to dry. Expect it to take at least a day to dry thoroughly, depending on size!

A great suggestion from the company: sit a Puppy Hugger bed on your sofa, and save your cushions from pet hair. Since the bed itself provides "sides" for the dog to curl up against, they're not curling up in the corner of your couch any longer.

We were incredibly impressed and thrilled with these beds - for nest dog beds, they're easily the nicest and likely the longest-lasting we've seen (both the fur and interior are made with an eye for longevity). And seriously, how cute is the pink fun fur on Merry?

Four paws, and two human thumbs up for Puppy Hugger dog beds!

You can find out more about The Puppy Hugger from their web site at

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