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Product Reviews

Trendy Nylon Dog Collars

The biggest problem with most nylon dog collars, in my humble opinion, is that they're so... well... boring. Plain styles with very little panache.

Or worse, really outlandishly tacky styles that no self respecting puppy Mom would want adorning her treasured furkid's neck.

Oh, what a relief it was to get the package from Tailwaggerz and check out some nylon collars that actually suit the Pampered Puppy lifestyle!

All collar and lead sets by Tailwaggerz are handmade. From scratch. It's a luxury that's becoming more and more rare in this mass-produced world of ours. The hardware is a combination of sturdy black plastic and shiny metal.

The styles are where this line stands out. The first style we reviewed was a charming mix of pink nylon with a black & white polka dot overlay. Too cute, really. Merry looks adorable in it. I need to get her a little baby pink coat or sweater to go with it.

The second was a more mature, simple black and white pinstripe that looks very cosmopolitan. And the simple color scheme guarantees it will match a wide variety of the diva's wardrobe. Always a consideration. Because matching is very important to uphold a proper diva lifestyle. As you know.

Tailwaggerz makes dozens of styles at very reasonable prices, which means it's easy to pick up several different styles for all the different occasions in your puppy's life. We're all about options.

If I had one concern, it would be the size of the hardware, which is relatively large. It scales acceptably on Merry's neck, but might start to look bulkier on a smaller puppy. You might want to check with the company to find narrower styles when purchasing for a tiny dog.

Merry and I really liked these sets, and she asked me to tell you she'll be wearing them often!

You can find out more about Tailwaggerz from their web site

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