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Tiffany Tutu Dress

This will likely be one of the most fun reviews I write all year, so bear with me.

Two years ago, the man I was dating asked me to marry him, and I said yes, and like all good couples on this journey, we started planning things. Color schemes were sorted out (black and white - damask print). I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which of Merry's couture gowns she'd wear to the wedding, and I had decided on a plain white gown with a white collar and leash.

Four months before our wedding date (September 18th of this year), I received a package for review from Doggie Couture Shop that included the dress you see here, and everything came screeching to a halt. I called my fiance and told him that we had to add turquoise to the wedding colors. Because this dress knocked my socks off (gosh I love tutus) and there was no way I could imagine the princess pug wearing anything other than this dress to our wedding.

And so our wedding colors changed to white, black, and turquoise.

The Tiffany Tutu Dog Dress is a gorgeously simple dress that's dressy enough for a wedding (ahem) but casual and flexible enough to wear all day at a family picnic or other outdoor event. And that's all because of its ingenious design.

The bodice is a simple, stretchy, well made white tank. It's sturdy enough to hold the bottom half of the dress together but lightweight and flexible enough to keep your pooch happy all day long.

Sewn to the waist of the tank is a wide turquoise satin ribbon that ties off centre into a large classic satin bow. And attached to the satin ribbon waist is the fullest, longest tutu I've ever seen for a pooch. It's fantastic. 8 full layers of turquoise tulle, each almost a foot long, encircle 75% of the waist of the dress (the bottom is left clear, so your furkid won't step on the tulle nor accidentally "go" on the dress during walks) and fans out around the hips in a truly spectacular way.

The princess wore the dog wedding dress the entire day and evening at our wedding and I'm happy to report it stood up exactly as I thought it would: fabulously and allowed Merry all the freedom she needed to navigate around 50 guests and still have energy to beg treats and play fetch. Our guests loved the princess in her dress and she was quite the belle of the ball -- though, hopefully, she didn't overshadow the bride too much!

I think this dress is incredible and adorable and I'd love three more like it (Doggie Couture Shop carries several styles and colors). What a brilliant idea.

You can find out more about Doggie Couture Shop from their web site at

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