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Dog Hoodie and Scarves

Article Author: Dog Clothes - A Merryvaluation

When you're a pug, even a diva pug, the whole frilly thing just doesn't work so well. Pugs are sturdy little things (even when they're svelte about it, like Merry) and classic, urban lines tend to do much better on her frame.

That means puppy hoodies are just about the most wonderful design in the world for a pug, and I have to admit, we're both hopelessly addicted to them. Merry looks smashing in them, they're perfect for spring and fall walks, and they're always the right combination of cute and casual. How can you go wrong with that?

It's why we were particularly thrilled with the Da Pink Hoodie and scarves sent in by Vavadog. The hoodie is pink - of course - with a brown hood and brown stripes. (The combination of chocolate and pink never ceases to excite us. It's such a classy color combination!)

The sweater is lovely. Form fitting, it fell perfectly over Merry's frame. The hoodie was nice and small which means if needs be, she can actually wear the hood over her head! (Though she does look a little bit tough when she does so.) It has a lovely feel to it, as well - a little stretchy, but not too much. It's made from a fine gauge merino wool blend.

More importantly, it's machine washable!

The scarves were seriously the cutest we've ever seen in person. Made in a rugby style in colors like olive/orange and khaki/pink, they are neutral enough to wear with a variety of coats or sweaters. They too are also made from a fine gauge merino wool blend, a little thinner than the sweater to allow for easy tying. The fringe is hand-knotted and the scarf looks great on all sides.

Like all of Vavadog's scarves, these come with an extra stitch or two thrown in so that you don't have to tie the scarf if you don't want to - you can simply thread the end through the "loop" provided. (The pink and khaki scarf is knotted this way.) However, I found it was easier, given Merry's thicker neck, to simply snip the stitch and then tie the scarf around Merry's neck the old-fashioned way. (The olive and orange scarf is tied this way.)

We have been consistently impressed by not only the quality and style of Vavadog's line but also their available sizes. Their sweaters, which look adorable on tinier dogs from Chihuahuas to Pugs, are available all the way up to size 33! (That's a 33" topline, folks, or for a seriously big dog!) They're one of the few designers out there who keep the needs of the larger dog in mind as well as the wee ones we all love.

Once again, Vavadog gets nothing but the highest recommendation!

You can find out more about Vavadog from their web site
at Tell them Merry sent you!

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