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Striped Dog Shirts

You know, it wasn't that long ago when it was rare to see shirts of any kind available for pets. T-shirts, sure, ditto on the polo shirts. Sweaters, yep, and coats. But there haven't ever been a lot of shirt-shirts. You know, button down, the kind ladies wear to work and have dry cleaned?

So, the new shirt collection from Urbandiggs is long, long overdue, and Merry and I were thrilled to be among the first on the block to try them out!

The shirts in the entire collection are deliciously retro, decked out in 70's stripes, bowling pins, palm trees and more. The striped versions - a pungent earthy toned shirt and an adorably pastel one - make up this review.

This is far from our first review of Urbandiggs' designs, and if we've said it once we've said it a hundred times - these folks know how to fit dogs. They're among the top designers that we've seen in terms of reliably and regularly fitting dogs of all sizes because, quite simply, they understand the dog figure and work with it, not against it.

These shirts are an excellent example. The shirts fit great around the neck (without drooping too far down the chest), accommodate a wide variety of chests, cover the forearms, and fall neatly at the base of the tail. No small feat when you consider how inflexible cotton and cotton-poly blend shirts can be. The tiny little buttons and button holes that are used to fasten the shirts are dog-gone adorable and miracle of all miracles, they stay buttoned.

There's just enough sizing to keep them in good shape for wearing (we'd suggest ironing well after washing to ensure the lines of the collar are kept crisp). The weight is medium, which means they might be a tad too warm during summer's hottest days but will be great for cooler nights, fall, and spring. They flow well during walks, too - no bunching or moving around.

And we have to say, we love the retro styling. Merry's grandma used to own a shirt very much like the one in the bottom photos, and it is too perfect that all this great 70's retro stuff is now available for her grand-dog-ter.

The dog shirts are excellent, and have earned Urbandiggs our highest recommendation once again. Honestly, we're tempted to try out a few other styles, now that we know they fit so well! (Or it could be that we're just hopelessly addicted to the pink with green dots... Merry's wish list for Santa will be huge this year once again!)

You can find out more about Urbandiggs from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!


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