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Strawberries Pink Dog Raincoat

When I was a little girl, I loved Strawberry Shortcake. Well, and Holly Hobbie. But mostly Strawberry Shortcake.

She ruled.

Is it strange that I still love her and was way over excited when we got a new Strawberry-themed package in from FouFou Dog? Because I was. Hot dog!

Seriously cute stuff.

The strawberry pink reversible dog rain coat is just fabulous. Reversible is a fantastic way to keep a flexible wardrobe - as any fabulous diva pug like Merry will tell you, darling. One side is plain soft pink, the other adorned with hundreds of tiny adorable strawberries.

When the solid pink is facing out, the two (fully functional) hip pockets are strawberry-covered, as is in the inside of the very generously sized hoodie (perfect for keeping out rain). When the strawberry-infused version is facing out, the two fully functional hip pocketes are solid pink, as is the inside of the hoodie.

The coat fastens with a velcro strip that runs down the entire length of chest and belly. Because it's narrow, you'll want to make sure you size your dog correctly because there won't be much leeway. Luckily, the dog rain coat is designed a little large, as you can see on the pug - it hangs on the pug by several inches, which will give you some extra room if your pup is pudgy.

There's alost a compeltely reinforced harness hole right beneath the hood - see, I love it when designers place those holes in hoodies. It means that you don't have to see them if you don't want to, because the dog hood will keep it covered.

But by far the best selling point of the coat is the material. 100% shiny plastic, folks, which means it's 100% cleanable. No more easily stained "water resistant" fabrics for us! No more plastic exteriors but fabric interiors that still get all muddy and gross on long walks. This coat, both sides, is completely wipeable.

Do I sound excited about it? Because I am. I really am. I have been waiting for a rain coat like this for AGES.

I'll include my one (by now standard) talking point on the raincoat design: why can't I have arms? The dog's underarms and the bit on her chest just behind them are always the filthiest during walks, so doesn't it make sense to try and protect that area? Oh, how I wish a designer would listen. If this coat came with sleeves, it would be perfect. As in, I'd buy six of them. (As opposed to two more, which I'm already considering buying.)

The coats do fit large though. Think little kid in the yellow slicker, hat and boots large. Don't say I didn't warn you. :)

So I was feeling all smug and happy with strawberries and then what did FouFou Dog do? They included a matching, blingy, strawberry dog charm for Merry's collar to go with the raincoat.

This thing is adorable - exactly the right pink to go with the coat (natch), with a lobster claw clasp and rhinestones for "seeds" and a metal "stem" and "leaves". The lobster claw clasp is large enough to fit around most dog collar d-rings. I love its "3d" quality.

If you're looking for the best way to cheer up a rainy day, I can't recommend these two products highly enough. Go strawberry!

You can find out more about FouFou Dog from their web site at

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