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Dog Hoodie and Luxe Carrier

Article Author: Dog Clothing and Carriers Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

If you've been reading our reviews for a while, you already know that I'm a big fan of Wooflink. Their style is very unique, hip, fresh and they carry such a wide range of styles I think most folks could find something hip or glam for their pooch. Their quality - well, you'll hear more about their quality below (it's aces).

But the one thing I've never reviewed from them before is a dog carrier... keep reading to find out my opinion!

First up, however, the company sent along one of their Lovely Daisy hooded dresses for the princess and I to review. This heavier-weight hoodie dress comes in (natch) pink - because as we all know, pink is the princess's signature color.

The dress is fabulously feminine while still staying casual. A patterned bodice (covered in tiny Wooflink stamps) is adorned on the back with decorative "pockets". Solid pink sleeves and hood match up with a gathered solid pink skirt. The design is fabulous, and of a style you don't often get to see in dog clothing - it's a loose-from-the-body fit, with a gathered waist. The bodice blouses out over the skirt which has "Lover Pooch" in metallic silver screened onto it.

As always with Wooflink designs, the details are what add those charming extra touched to their pieces. Both skirt and hoodie feature a 3/8" white ruffle, and the sleeves are gathered into a slight (pink) ruffle as well. The base of the throat features a little hot pink bow tie made from the same thick 100% cotton material as the rest of the dog dress and a matching tie decorates the back of the hood. The back and shoulders read "Wooflink for sassy pooch", and the hood also features a metallic "bedazzled" heart-and-crossbones design.

The fit, as with everything we've tried from Wooflink, was perfect - spot on. And the quality is very high - these are well made garments from great quality materials. The pug? Seriously. Look at 'er. She's gorgeous in it, no?

But it's the carrier you're interested in now, right? I've teased you enough? Then we'll begin.

The "Candy Girl" carrier is a sporty-looking pet carrier with just enough luxe to show you really Mean Business. The entire carrier is made from "Animal Friendly" leather - i.e. pleather - so you don't have to feel guilty while toting your pup around. The main carrier itself is white pleather, with pink and navy blue accents and golden findings throughout.

The top of the carrier has a double zipper - allowing a nice wide opening - and the "tongue" (the middle part) comes with magnetic clasps to fold it over once and hold securely, allowing your dog to stick her head out while travelling. One side of the bag (same place it opens for their head) also has mesh to allow for maximum breathability, regardless of whether you keep the carrier open on top or not.

Storage! This carrier's got it in spades. It has a small square pocket with zipper on the front of the bag (keys, cellphone) and also an entire zippered compartment that runs the entire length and height of the carrier (large enough to carry magazines - perfect for carrying everything you'd normally haul around in a "purse"). Inside there's one more zippered compartment (about 6"x6" - I'd use it for makeup, a mirror, maybe other girly items?).

The inside of the carrier's ready for your pooch, too. There's a nicely padded satin "playmat" that folds into three to fit the bottom of the carrier, providing triple thickness for your pooch to strech out on, but also is removable in case you want them to stretch out on the floor or chair beside you - it unfolds about the size of the seat of a chair when unfolded. The interior also features a generous length of hot pink leash - attached to the carrier itself, but removable. It, too, features yummy golden findings - hooks, snaps and clasps are all golden.

Did I mention I love the gold? It's everywhere - gold chains, gold loops, gold zippers and rivets - even gold metallic "feet" on the bottom of the carrier to protect it from getting dirty.

What's more, the carrier's a perfect size for all but the teeniest of pups. Even Merry fits inside - if you can handle all 17 pounds of her, the carrier and pug are up to the challenge - the quality is fantastic. But I'd probably recommend (to save your backs!) that you limit the size to pups from 8 to 15 pounds. Unless you work out more than I do. :)


This carrier is definitely the cherry on top of an already fabulous fashion collection! Wooflink definitely is the brand to look for when shopping this holiday season. You can find out more about Wooflink from their web site at

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