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Stockholm Travel Futon

We've been big fans of Jo Sherwood Design's products for ages -- since our first review, in fact. The incredible breadth of styles available in their Civilized Pet collection means that nearly everyone can find a Jo Sherwood style to suit their home, and their pet's personality.

And now the brilliant folks at Jo Sherwood have come up with yet another product to complement their Civilized Pet collection: matching pet beds and travel futons. It's such a simple, but smart idea, and we're so glad that someone is taking this idea seriously. If we go to such lengths to ensure our home decor all matches, why wouldn't we want matching accessories for our pets?

We had the opportunity to take a look at the Travel Futon in the Stockholm pattern, and as you can see the princess pug had great fun testing yet another lounging surface!

The loft on these futons, even though they're "travel" beds, is actually higher than some full-out "beds" we've seen in this industry, and this is a feature that consistently gets high marks from us. I've never understood the point of banishing pets from the human furniture only to force them to sleep on wafer-thin beds on a hard floor. Does that seem fair? Pets get body aches too!

The material is a dense cotton, almost like a canvas, and the cover folds over the inner pillow much like a sham on a people bed, with a touch of velcro to hold it in place. The cover is removable, machine washable and dryable. The inner pillow is machine washable on gentle, but we'd recommend air drying and then fluffing it in the dryer for 5 or 10 minutes to poof it back up.

The design of the material is lovely. It's spot on for a color match with the rest of the Stockholm set (see the 4th photo to compare the futon with the Stockholm photo frame and single sqaure bowl). What we liked best about it is that while it matches, both in color and stylistically, it isn't a clone of the glass designs. It has its own feel, appropriate to its task.

And it is an awfully handy little bed to carry along for visiting, particularly with the holidays coming up! Long canvas ties on either end allow you to fold the bed in half for easy carrying (and in the case of the princess pug, also allow something to mouth while you're bored).

We were very impressed with this latest addition to the Jo Sherwood Design family of products, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next!

You can find out more about Jo Sherwood Design from their web site at

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