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Product Reviews

Sterling Silver Charms

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it's time to start thinking about ways that you can deck out your little pumpkin (no pun intended... mostly) with some holiday cheer.

When Merry and I received our package from Bijoux Four Paws, we knew we were barking up the right alley.

The package included two different sterling silver dog charms - a holiday jingle bell, and a Jewish Dreidel. Both are small enough to be appropriate for smaller dogs (I'd say, maybe under 50 pounds).

The jingle bell was a real hoot - it comes with a tiny metal ball inside, so it really does jingle and ring when Merry trots around. It's silver, which means it's appropriate to wear with all colors, no clashing required. It's a great addition to a plain necklace (as shown) or as a collar charm for walking and playing outdoors. You'll be sure to bring smiles to everyone's face as they hear the merry (again, no pun intended) little jingle bell ringing.

Of course, it also helps to let me know where the little bit is when she's wandering around the house. Multiple uses is a wonderful thing. :)

The Dreidel, however, was absolutely lovely. Nice, solid, heavy sterling (the entire piece is solid) with the traditional markings: Nun, Gimmel, Heh and Shin. It was nice to see that while the traditional Dreidel comes to a point so it can be spun like a top, modifications were made to this piece so that there were no sharp edges to nick your little one - the bottom is nicely rounded, all smooth edges.

As with the jingle bell, the Dreidel is perfect as a necklace charm for your pet or attached to a collar. While it's small, however, it is very heavy given that it's a solid piece. Given the weight of this little piece, if you have an incredibly tiny teacup (2 pounds or less), you might have to be careful and only have them wear it for short periods, to lessen the strain on their neck.

Update, November 2: The designer of Bijour Four Paws jewelry just contacted us to let us know that the Dreidel actually comes in 3 sizes - teacup (for the 5 lbs und under set), medium (the one that Merry is wearing), and large (and I do mean LARGE, 70lb and up large).

Both pieces come with sterling lobster clasps, making it simple to attach and remove but sturdy and secure once your puppy is wearing them.

If you're looking for a little touch of the holidays, these charms from Bijoux Four Paws are a great start to the festivities.

You can find out more about Bijoux Four Paws from their web site

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