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Product Reviews

Special Edition Buddy Belt

When you've been a fashion diva for as long as the princess, innovative just doesn't cut it. Yawn.

When you've worn as many shades of pink as the princess has, pretty and pink is barely enough reason to crack an eye in the morning.

(Seriously. You should see her closet.)

But mention something that's Special Edition, and you might just get the ears to perk up. Then go one step further and tell her it's an exclusive Special Edition, and suddenly you have something that the princess pug can't wait to check out.

When the folks at FouFou Dog told us about their new, exclusive Special Edition Buddy Belt pet harnesses, the princess pug was beside herself with happy. We're already big fans of this harness that has garnered somewhat of a cult following; being able to check out some of the new features of this Special Edition dog harness would be a treat indeed.

As with all Buddy Belts, one of its biggest charms is its style. Rather than an H-style design, Buddy Belts are designed more like a pair of sunglasses, or a bra; they are step-in, dual ovals of leather with chest cover and back buckle all in one solid piece of leather.

This ingenious design means that they:

  • Ride low on the chest, making them the perfect harness for walking, particularly if your pup is a "tugger"
  • Are intrinsically more stable and durable because there are just fewer sewn parts, fewer areas to "break"
  • Are simple to fasten, since the buckle is attached over the shoulder blades, where it's easier to get to

What's more, Buddy Belts always come in a range of colors - and for this exclusive Special Edition FouFou Dog Buddy Belt, it's a gorgeous line up: Powder Pink (shown), Powder Blue, Dove Grey, Charcoal Grey and Chocolate Brown. A stellar and elegant color lineup.

One of our favorite new features of this line of Buddy Belts is simple but powerful: increased leather softness and flexibility. Usually, Buddy Belts are a little stiff with sizing when you first get them, and it can take a few dozen wears to really loosen them up. But these Special Edition dog harnesses are already butter-soft right out of the box - both top (leather) and bottom (suede). They're still sturdy. which I realize sounds like the opposite of buttery and flexible, but...

It's kind of like fine silk. Gorgeous, soft to the touch, but strong enough to really stand up to a tugging.

Finally, (because you knew there would have to be bling), there's BLING on these Buddy Belts! Very subtle, very elegant (in keeping with the theme), each harness features a single rhinestone set in between each hole in the harness strap and also a single rhinestone in the center of the chest (see photos 3 and 4).

So, the result: did the princess love it? You bet she did! Like any girl worth her bling, she loved the extra sparkle, but the biggest selling point for her was the ultrasoft leather dog harness under her arms. It snuggled her up like the princess she is. The soft, pale pink harness was a winner with us all the way.

Four paws up!

You can find out more about FouFou Dog from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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