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Spanish Lady Dog Dress

Do you read our reviews regularly? If you do, then you know that once in a while, something comes along that's just so fabulous, so over-the-top amazing, that I can't stop myself from going on and on about it.

That definitely happened to me the very first time I set eyes on Deni Alexander Designs' dog dresses. Even just in photos, they're stunning to look at. But when Deni herself called up and told me she was sending us a special review package for the princess, I squealed like a little girl.

Well, once I got off the phone, anyway.

Behold, the Spanish Lady Dog Dress. Truly, one of the most fabulous dresses I've ever held in my entire life. It has so much detail, so much quality craftsmanship and thought put into the design, that it's certainly on par with a wedding dress... if a slightly different color. :)

The entire bodice is black fabric covered in a pattern of sequins. A row of small hooks fasten the bodice over the chest. (And everyone knows that a black bodice is very slimming.)

The armhole edges and waist are decorated with black silk and red foil points, providing a contrast and decorative touch. But the skirt is where the dress really takes it over the top.

Deni created a different style from her usual Spanish Lady dress, which features the Japanese Cherry Blossom Silk and then a bright red silk overskirt. For Merry, she created three different removable skirts to ensure a variety of formal dress looks for the princess pug.

The first skirt is the incredibly awesome Japanese Cherry Blossom silk and it is just unbelievably gorgeous, rich and lush, with a black lining. The color just screams red - a gorgeous, slightly blue-toned red that I could just. eat. with. a. spoon.

The second skirt was a solid, a bright red silk in the same size and shape as the Cherry Blossom. Similarly stunning. Ditto the third skirt, a solid black silk with a gorgeous shimmer and sheen.

All three skirts attach with large, stable and secure snaps all the way along the bodice. As the designer described it to me: "think of it like adding skirts to Barbie clothes when we were dressing up". And she's right - though these are fathoms more secure, higher quality and longer lasting. The connections are so fine and planned so well, fitting so perfectly with no gaps or buckled bits, that you'd never be able to tell that the dress actually had a removable skirt.

One of the things that impressed me the most with the dress was the weight of it. This is a formal dog gown. There is no messing around. Every seam, every stitch, is incredibly fine and detailed. The bodice and fastenings are sturdy enough for dogs but fine enough for any ballroom. Every inch of the dress - including all three skirts - is lined with fine black fabric. There is a weight to the dress that you'll only find with items this well made, with this kind of attention to detail and quality.

Honestly, it's the loveliest thing I've ever seen. Deni Alexander is brilliant, as far as I'm concerned, and if your dog has ANY need or desire whatsoever to wear a dress of any kind, you'd be a fool not to go with her products.

Did I make this gushing review (sorry for the gushing, but honestly, if you could all just come here and see this dress in person, you'd know why) clear enough for you? Go to her. Buy from her. Seriously, best quality dresses you'll find for your pooch.

You can find out more about Deni Alexander Designs from their web site at

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