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Snuggly Dog Pajamas

I used to think jammies for dogs were silly. But then my pug started getting older, and we noticed at night she was slowly but surely curling herself into a tinier and tinier ball overnight instead of sprawling like she used to when she was younger (along with karate kicks in the middle of the night - but I digress). I know, I know, you're picturing this tiny poor bundled pug and your heart is just melting, right? Me, too. For us, dog pajamas are a neccessity. But that doesn't mean we can't be fabulous while we stay warm, does it? Of course not! Luckily the folks at The Haute Hound feel the same way and sent us two of their latest pajama styles to test out.

First up, Princess Pup Lacey Pajamas. These little beauties are an all-in-one or jumpsuit style, meaning they cover all four legs (adorable!). The collar and cuffs are red, to match the tiny red hearts floating through the blue patterned print, marked with little cartoon dogs and stars and clouds.
I love the edging best of all; polka-dot ribbons and bows, eyelets and ruffles at the neck, and at the bottom of the arms and legs. Sooo cute!
Frankly, this one-piece reminds me of the little footed jammies I used to wear when I was a kid, only now, it's for my dog. They're roomy, but not oversized, and made from a cotton knit fabric that's nicely stretchy.

The second jammies are deadly cute - Cupcake Nightgown Pajamas in pink. A nightgown style for your dog rather than a jumpsuit, this gorgeous design features a creamy yellow background with strawberries, cupcakes and flowers in a million hues of pink from "hot" to "baby". Ruffles and pink eyelet, thank you, make up the hem of the nightgown as well as the hem of the sleeves.
This material is a flannel, so it's not stretchy like the Princess Pup design and will not give. To boot, this style fits much smaller than the other style, so if you're on the fence about sizing, go bigger. You want your dog to have room to move at night.
Quality on both pieces was wonderful. Merry's found a wonderful new way to sleep - all curled up in her comfy warm new jammies!
You can find out more about The Haute Hound or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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