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Product Reviews

Sneakers and Techno Dog Toys

I don't care how hard-hearted you are, there's just something about seeing teeny little boots or dog sneakers (whether for babies or dogs) that just melts your heart and makes you go "awww!". I can't resist them. Sure, they're functional. Sure, they help the princess to avoid icy sidewalks or boiling hot pavement, not to mention broken glass, salt and that horrifying blue de-icer that seems to do a number on their paws.

But they're also cuuuuute - and let's face it, the princess pug and I are all about the cute.

Which is why when the lovely and talented folks at Fou Fou Dog sent along a new package of their newest footwear (and toys to boot!), the princess and I were head over paws about the whole thing.

These sneakers - called FouFou Sidekicks - are hands down adorable. They're waterproof, with a custom-made ribbed white rubber sole (just like sneakers for grownups - er, humans). And they come in three delicious color combinations - blue stripes, pink stripes, or brown stripes.

Naturally, they sent along the princess's signature color: pink!

The outer shell is perforated leather (the web site doesn't say, but I'm betting they're "pleather" rather than real cowhide) with three stripes in two colors running up both sides of the shoe. A velcro strip to wrap around their "ankle" comes in a coordinating color and features a little "paw print" with a contrasting color.

These are front-zip sneakers with a tongue that's attached on one side to prevent bunching as you slide their feet into the shoes. (If you've never put shoes on a dog before, let me tell you, it's far easier to do it just like you would for a kid - sit them on their behind in your lap, with their back up against your midsection and their chest facing out. Then grab each paw - making sure you hold in the dewclaw so it doesn't get caught - and slide the boot towards you onto the foot. MUCH easier. Trust me. Merry does this so often now she snoozes against me while I do it.)

The fit was super - Merry knocked around in these no problem - and looked so incredibly cute, seriously, my heart was just melting. She got a ton of comments from passersby when I took her out in these and a big pink hoodie, let me tell you - she was the belle of the walk.

One thing would make these babies perfect, and it's the same problem I have with every pair of boots or shoes out there. Usually there are two boots with velcro going one way and two pairs of boots with the velcro going the other way - so that the velcro strip is always on the outside of the foot. But no company marks the boots "L" or "R" on the bottoms so I invariably end up with at least one shoe on the wrong foot, and having to move it around. I hope shoe manufacturers will consider adding these guides to the shoes to make our lives easier! :)

Next, the clever designers also sent two Techno-inspired plush dog toys for us to review: a pink and a white iChew toy. (Headphones not really included - we just decided to wrap them around her neck for the shoot!)

I love, love, love parody plush toys and since I'm part geek, these were totally up my (our) alley. How cute! And I loved that they came in pink - natch - because the princess just plays better with pink toys. Don't believe me? Heh. Seriously.

The details were adorable - embroidered viewscreen with a paw print logo, a "selection wheel" at the bottom, and the Fou Fou logo on the back. They were also incredibly sturdy - they'd have to be, since the princess loves her some plush toy playtime - and featured, as you'd expect, a loud large squeaker inside. How cute. Until we'd been listening to the squeak for thirty minutes straight, anyway!

As always, the folks at Fou Fou Dog are doing exciting, high quality things and we're just in love with their products. We can't wait to see what's next!

You can find out more about Fou Fou Dog from their web site at

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