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Sixties Inspired Dog Hoodie

Picture it: the summer of love, everything is crazy and the world seems like it's imploding but somewhere in northeast USA, a revolutionary music concert is underway. It's all about love and peace and hallucinogenic drugs and almost no restrooms and far too much mud and...

Well, the picture started out good, didn't it?

Luckily, our pooches can discover their own "summer of love" groove without needing to face the mud or social unrest with the new Peace & Love dog hoodie from K9 Duds.

The entire back is printed with a fabulously retro Peace & Love design; an entire rainbow gradient (so 60's), a guitar, a peace sign, a butterfly, and the words Peace & Love.

The hoodie is pure softness, cozy cuddly thermal cotton in a charcoal grey. The fab edgy finish is thanks to a mineral wash which, I swear, makes the material easily twice as soft as you'd usually find even in cuddly thermal wear. I want one of these for myself for lazy Sundays.

Sleeves are medium length; long enough to cover but short enough to avoid dragging on all but the shortest of doggy legs. Like all K9 Duds hoodies, they fit just a little short (they're not really meant to hang over the tail but end off just below the waist) and are notched at the underbelly to avoid chafing or soiling on boy dogs.

These hoods are always a little smaller - they're not the huge oversized type but the type that really are more of a style note than a functional warm hood, at least on pugs. But I've said it before and I'll say it again: everything is cuter on a dog when there's a hood. I don't know why hoods are so cute but they. just. are. (You don't really have to trust me. Buy one for yourself and you'll see what I mean.)

There's a reinforced hole at the base of the hood to allow collars and/or harnesses to be threaded through. Handy!

Honestly, I love the small dog hoodie. I love the charcoal grey and the fab mineral wash finish. I love how cuddly it is and how cute this design sits on the pug.

And I really do want one for myself. When is K9 Duds going to create women's hoodies to match? Sigh. Pout.

You can find out more about K9 Duds or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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